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Best Practices for Preventing Design and Code Theft

July 26, 2010 • By

Design and code theft is an ongoing dilemma that we face as designers and or developers; it is something that is expected to happen eventually, as the internet is a worldwide accessed medium by many different types of people.

In fact, the most used medium for theft and fraud is the internet itself as it is the easiest way for such unwanted activates to occur at such a massive level. With that all said, we dive right into six tips to help prevent design and code theft that may otherwise be easier to occur.READ MORE


A Collection of Fresh Illustrator Tutorials

July 1, 2010 • By

We do focus a lot on Photoshop resources here at Design Reviver, and as such, in today’s news round-up, we would like to highlight tutorials from its much prettier and flexible sister, namely Illustrator. Below you will find a small collection of our favorite Illustrator tutorials from recent weeks.



Comic Book Inspired Artwork

April 22, 2010 • By

Whether you are a fan of American style comic books or not, putting the story lines aside, the artwork alone justifies its popularity. The genres style is clearly distinctive and uniform, yet still allows for loads of room for unique creativity and originality.

For today’s news round-up we have some beautiful and creative Comic Book inspired art work showcases. Hop you enjoy them.



A Round-Up of Fresh, Creative and Original Wallpapers

February 9, 2010 • By

For today’s News Round-Up we have collected ten wallpaper compilation articles to help freshen up your desktop. We start of with a collection of Valentines day wallpapers for all you romantics out there… and for all you cynics we have the usual and expected range of walls (retro, high resolution, Widescreen, abstart… you get the idea) only all of these are fresh, creative and original!



5 Well Designed Icon Tutorials

February 2, 2010 • By

Graphical icons offer an opportunity to project to the user an instantly recognizable message – that is something that would normally take an entire paragraph of words. Of course the icons need to be well designed in the first place to successfully convey your message effectively.



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