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20+ Awesome Grunge Textured Websites

August 14, 2013 • By

Grunge web design has long been gaining in popularity. Grunge websites are characterized by having having a more gritty look than normal websites. They are often dark and edgier than other websites. While the grunge design might work for some websites there are some areas where it might not work nearly as well. On Monday we presented over 100 grunge textures, and today we will present 20+ websites that incorporate grunge textures into their design.



110+ Free grunge Textures and backgrounds

August 12, 2013 • By


Grunge textures and backgrounds have long been popular in web design. Today we are going to show you 110+ amazing free grunge textures and backgrounds, then on Wednesday we will show you just how creative you can be with grunge textures when we present some very amazing websites built using grunge textures. Most of these were taken from deviantART.



50+ Free Dark Grungy Fonts and Textures

February 17, 2010 • By

Grunge fonts and textures are used in a wide range of web and graphic designs. There is much less of a limit when it comes to using these elements, and they’re a great way to make any of your web, graphic, or print designs stand-out. Some of these fonts or textures may seem useless as a standalone, however, once meshed with a beautiful idea, who knows what can happen.READ MORE


200+ Textures, Brushes, and Fonts: Ultimate Grunge Roundup

June 7, 2008 • By

Grunge style is rough, rugged, torn, worn, and tattered. To most, these adjectives would describe something less than appealing, but in the hands of a talented web designer, elements possessing these qualities can be used to turn a web site into a work of art. So, if you are just getting started in grunge design or if you are already a pro, you should find the grunge freebies in this article to be very useful.READ MORE


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