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14 Firefox Add-ons Web Designers Can’t Live Without

January 28, 2013 • By

In recent years Firefox has become immensely popular, and one of the biggest reasons behind its popularity is the plethora of Firefox add-ons at your disposal that can extend the browser’s core functionality. It can come as no surprise that the Firefox browser is such a popular choice for many web designers, we have compiled a list of add-ons to make your lives easier. These add-ons are not in order from best to worst, #15 is just as valuable for developers as #1.  Let us know what other Firefox add-ons you use in the comments.


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Mozilla Releases Firefox 18

January 9, 2013 • By

Yesterday Mozilla officially launched their new update to Firefox bringing it to the 18th edition. They released updates for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. Among other things the improvements include a new JavaScript compiler, preliminary WebRTC as well as Retina support (on Macs).



Effective Ways to Make Sure That Your HTML/CSS Works On All Browsers

September 19, 2010 • By

One of the most difficult tasks web designers have to tackle is ensuring that all web pages work consistently across all web browsers. As the most of you will already know, this is no easy task. And recently, on Design Reviver Answers, this topic was brought up in discussion, and we would like to share with you some of the tips that were offered from our readers, and we would love to hear about any more you may have.


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Essential Firefox Extensions, Addons and Hacks

November 12, 2009 • By

Firefox is a very popular browser, especially with designers and developers. It is not only compliance with CSS, that makes it great, it is also because of its versatility and customization options. With the proper addons, extensions and hacks you can create your own unique browser tailored to your every requirement.


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