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15 Tutorials for creating amazing Coming Soon pages

April 17, 2013 • By

Last week we posted 15 great Coming Soon Pages, then Monday we shared  with you 10 suggestions for creating a more effective and professional Coming Soon page. Today we would like to share 15 tutorials for creating amazing Coming Soon pages.  Creating a Coming Soon page is not only a good idea of filling the blank space it is also a great way of introducing yourself to the online world. If you have seen any others feel free to share them with us below!



15 Great Under Construction & Coming Soon pages

April 10, 2013 • By

If you take your website offline for any reason it is very important to make sure you let your visitors know that you will be returning. Otherwise they might think you have removed the website and therefore they will not return later. The article today and the one on Monday and Wednesday next week are connected in such a way that today we start with the inspiration, then on Monday we present 10 tips to remember when creating a Coming Soon page, and then finally on Wednesday we will provide you with a list of tutorials for creating beautiful Coming Soon pages.



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