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Inline Style

July 30, 2010 • By

One of the great things about our Design Reviver Answers is that it gives the novice or amateur web designer the opportunity to ask a basic question and have it answered by one of the many seasoned pro users that we have. It truly is a great site for learning and understanding, for designers of every level.

This weeks highlighted question, from an amateur designer, is: “What is Inline Style?”



Best Practices for Preventing Design and Code Theft

July 26, 2010 • By

Design and code theft is an ongoing dilemma that we face as designers and or developers; it is something that is expected to happen eventually, as the internet is a worldwide accessed medium by many different types of people.

In fact, the most used medium for theft and fraud is the internet itself as it is the easiest way for such unwanted activates to occur at such a massive level. With that all said, we dive right into six tips to help prevent design and code theft that may otherwise be easier to occur.READ MORE


Taking the Best Measure to Fortifying Your Scripts

July 16, 2010 • By

No matter how hard we try, we always seem to forget to secure certain aspects of our scripts, whether be it an input field or data being inserted into a database. It would definitely be nice to fall back on security precautions that we implement into our scripts whether or not we have sanitized everything needed. Here are some tips and coding styles to achieve just that.READ MORE


Difference Between Margin and Position:absolute

July 16, 2010 • By

As web designers we may at times take for granted the knowledge and experience we have built up over the years, and its often easy to forget about, especially when you are just starting out, that there are many basic questions, that may not crop up very often, but still need to be asked and they certainly need to be answered.


Fresh jQuery and CSS3 Tutorials

July 6, 2010 • By

Today’s news is a refreshing look at some of the most recent jQuery tutorials and techniques. Accompanied with the recent popularity of CSS3, some of these new techniques are groundbreaking and others simply take a fresh look at older design techniques.



Four Web Design Articles Well Worth Reading

June 28, 2010 • By

As web designers we all love searching for great new resources, browsing some useful and relevant tutorials and we especially love them as most are free. Sometimes though, we need something more, something that will set your mind alight and for you to consider it a darn good read. And that is what we have found for you today, four web design articles that are well worth your time. So, grab yourself a cup of coffee and take the time to enjoy them.



Should Long CSS Code be Divded into Several Files?

June 4, 2010 • By

There are some debates within web design that have always split the community down the middle, everyone has there opinion about them, and both sides in there own way are correct for differing reasons. You know the kind of fiery debates – Fireworks v Photoshop and WordPress, Joomla or Drupal, to name just a couple.


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