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30+ Inspiring and creative Business cards

May 20, 2013 • By

In today’s world everyone knows that standing out from the crowd is important and yet many businesses and business people forget that the best place to do just that is the business card. Remember if your business card is dull and boring chances are the person surfing through their rolodex will just swoosh right past you, however if you have a memorable business card you increase your chances of repeat business. On Wednesday we will have a list of great business card tutorials.



Tips to Finding More Clientele Quickly

October 27, 2010 • By

In the freelancing industry, we often find ourselves at the top with so many potential clients requesting us rather than the other way around. However, there is also many times where we find ourselves in a struggle to pay our bills at the end of the month. In such situations, we usually tend to contract with anyone who we can nab. With that all said, we discuss several key points or strategies to be able to quickly find contracts and begin working again.READ MORE


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