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20 Top Invoicing Tools For Freelancers

December 20, 2010 • By

As you take on more clients it becomes increasingly difficult to keep accurate track of costs and the hours you should be billing for.  Keeping poor records will ultimately start to cost you money, thankfully there are a great selection of tools available to help.

There are more to benefits to these apps than just staying organized. Some of these apps enable small businesses to take the kind of control of their finance that was once just the preserve of big businesses with dedicated accounting departments.



What Project Management Software Do you Use and Why?

April 9, 2010 • By

Regardless of the size of your design company, you will from time to time need a good project management application. The problem that you will have is not finding a good and reliable app (for the most part they all are in there own way), the problem will be finding one that meets the needs of the project you are working on and the client you are working with.



20 Beautiful Mac Apps

January 15, 2010 • By

Mac OS X is known for housing an amazing graphical user interface. Not only is the operating system beautiful in every way, but a large portion of the applications developed for Macs have great usability along with a stunning “face”.READ MORE


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