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As most graphics designers know, purchasing stock photos, ready graphics and other images can be a very expensive proposition today. In case your budget does not allow you the luxury of purchasing image files, you are left with no other option than to try and find free images – a task that can take huge amounts of time and effort.

Even after you have searched and toiled, struggled through clumsy and difficult navigation, suffered distracting advertisements and finally found a free image that suits your requirement and are finally ready to download it, you often find out that it is free only for personal use and if your intended use is of a commercial nature, you must pay for it.

Under the circumstances, it can be said truthfully that the task of obtaining good quality images ultimately ends up costing you one way or another – either in terms of your money or in terms of your time.

For those of you who happen to be at the receiving end of such problems, there’s some good news. – a recently launched web site offers thousands of royalty-free image files that you can download and use for personal as well as commercial purposes.

When you first visit the web site, you will be pleasantly surprised by its simple, no-nonsense navigation structure that will allow you to find the file/s you’re looking for quickly and painlessly. All the available downloads are organized and linked under 9 different categories in the header itself so that you can reach your target area of the site with just one click, as the following screenshot illustrates:

As you can see above, the 9 image categories are: Vectors, Photos, Fonts, Icons, Wallpapers, Brushes, Styles, Patterns and Clipart. With such a wide collection, you are bound to find what you’re looking for no matter what your requirement is.

In addition to browsing the site via image category links, you can also run keyword searches across all or any of the categories to locate the files of your interest quickly.

Of course, also displays some paid file download options and other advertisements too, but these are presented in a non-intrusive manner that does not annoy or distract you in a major way.

To conclude, if you need good quality image files for graphics work, you should give a shot – you will probably not be disappointed.

Click here to visit the site.

Below are some samples of their photos:






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