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Weekly News Roundup – 8 March 2013

March 8, 2013 • By

The week is coming to an end and that means it is time for us to look back on the week that passed, the best design news, resources and other goodies. This week we look at jQuery plugins, how best to create a responsive design, the worst UX mistakes made, we take a look at the new Facebook design, and offer 30 free fonts.


How To Design Effective Website Wireframes

Website wireframes are basic illustrations of the structure and components of a web page. This is generally the first step in the web design process also known as a page flow or website blueprint. It is also a guide that represents the skeletal framework of a website.


16 CSS3 & HTML5 Tutorials For Responsive Web Design

Responsive design is one of the most useful web techniques to appear during the past few years. A website layout can adapt to a device’s screen and look beautiful no matter what resolution is used. So here are 15 awesome tutorials for building and enhancing a responsive web design with HTML5 and CSS3.


The Five Worst UX Mistakes Websites Make

The user experience of websites has improved by leaps and bounds over the years, but I still run into sites that make me ask, “What were they thinking?!” From a design perspective, it’s easy to get caught up in internal squabbles (“No, no, THIS is the content that has to be front and center”) or distracted by tools or methods (“I say we use lean UX on this project”).


15 Useful Websites For Testing Code Snippets

In this collection, we have collected 15 helpful websites for testing code snippets. These websites will be of great importance for the web developers as they constantly need to check and verify their codes in order to make sure that everything is working fine.


A Deep Dive Into Facebook’s News Feed Redesign

If you’ve been online today, you probably heard the news already: Facebook announced a completely redesigned News Feed, featuring larger images, a mobile-inspired design that’s consistent across devices, and specialized feeds focusing on music, photos, games, people you follow and all of your friends.


Web Designer Tools – The Most Useful And Recent Ones

There was a time when most of the contracts that were for web designers were to create portfolio websites. Things have changed a little and although people are still asking for portfolios, they are also asking designers to create big and serious projects with complex functionality, multi-browser and multi-platform support and a lot of complicated functions incorporated.


10 magically meticulous design style guides

We’ll admit it – we’re heading into geek territory here. But we are self-confessed geeks, particularly when it comes to logo design, typography and pictograms. And that leads us to the meticulously regulated world of brand style manuals… A style manual, or style guide, is a set of standards for the design of documents, signage, and any other form of other brand identifier.


Download the 30 Free Clean Fonts

Fonts are one of the most important elements for any design. It is one of the things that differentiate a bad design from a good design, or a good design for a brilliant design is the font used. A font has the ability to make or break the deal. Fonts have to suit the design properly, and enhance its look and feel. A font that is not suitable for the design would totally ruin its entire look and result in a tacky overall design.


Five killer ways to use Mental Models

Understanding a website visitor’s thought process for how they uncover your content, and studying their reasons for doing things on your site, are wonderful ways to start out planning for its architecture. The main concept behind this type of study is called a Mental Model.


User Experience Design

“User Experience (abbreviated: UX) is the quality of experience a person has when interacting with a specific design. This can range from a specific artifact, such as a cup, toy or website, up to larger, integrated experiences such as a museum or an airport.”


Building A Better Responsive Website

Earlier this year, I was in the beginning stages of a redesign for our company’s website. We had already been planning to use a straightforward responsive approach to Web design, which is our preferred solution for multi-device support. After hearing some frank discussions at An Event Apart conference in Boston about the limitations and challenges of responsive Web design, I realized that our solution needed a bit of adjustment


30 most useful jQuery plugins

It seems as if the internet is filled with hundreds, if not thousands of jQuery plugins, sometimes it can be a little hard to keep track of all the new plugins, and therefore we have decided to bring you some of our favorite plugins, here is a list of 30 must see plugins. They cover all areas such as Form & Validation Plugins, Plugins for Responsive Layouts, as well as Web Typography Plugins, Animation Plugins and all sorts of other plugins. Do you think we have forgotten any plugins? If so then feel free to share them in the comments section.


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