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Weekly News Roundup – 25 January 2013

January 25, 2013 • By

The week is coming to an end and that means it is time for us to look back on the week that passed, the best design news, resources and other goodies. This week we look at Responsive Web Design, Twitter Bootstrap, what comes first the idea or the design, as well as taking a trip down memory lane with the history of

Creative Techniques for Single-Page Websites

Over the past few years there has been an emergence of new custom trends in website design. A very popular idea is placing all your major content onto a single page and using dynamic scrolling animations to locate bits of content. These single-page layouts are popular among landing pages and mobile apps which only need to display a small section of related information. In this article I would like to go over some interesting techniques you’ll find in single page websites.


Quick Prototyping: Collection of Free HTML/CSS/JS UI Kits

The main idea of HTML/CSS/JS UI kits is to offer you a range of production-ready web elements with a consistent style, so that you quickly kick-start any new web project. Typically standard UI packs will include buttons of different sizes and types, form field elements, navigation & pagination systems, tabs, alerts and tags




21 Fresh Examples of Responsive Web Design

Responsive design is something a lot of designers talk about. And considering the importance of responsiveness and all the buzz around it, it’s impressive the amount of websites that are still not responsive. By now, with the amazing growth of mobile usage, every single website should be responsive to be able to attend to every user’s “screen size needs.”




Getting Started with Twitter Bootstrap

Building a website from the ground up is very hard. Even some people who are able to code in web languages like JavaScript, HTML and CSS would find difficulties in the process. Fortunately, a few Twitter developers and designers are aware of this situation and had launched a framework called Bootstrap to make life easier for web designers and developers.



Which Comes First: Web Site Design Or Content?

When you work on putting together your web site is it best to start with content or design? It’s a bit of a chicken or the egg conundrum. You really should not work on one entirely before the second. Here are two scenarios we’ve worked around and let me say, they are not ideal. 1. Working the design around a finished content document There have a been a couple of cases where a client hands me a finished Word doc to start a web site with and announces grandly: “I’ve got the content nearly finished for you.” On the one hand, it’s great that they’ve been thinking about the content of their web site.




7 Newly Released Frameworks for Developers

A framework is basically software application which assists developers to quickly design and develop dynamic websites. With the advent of HTML5 and CSS3, development becomes easy for everyone. Here at SkyTechGeek we conducted a search and collected 7 newly released frameworks which will assist our audience to design and develop beautiful cross browser dynamic websites, and applications.




Flat design vs. skeuomorphism

It seems that there has been a line drawn in the sand. A few brave design pioneers have all but denounced skeuomorphic design as yesterday’s news and have voted it off of the proverbial island. Are we witnessing the turning point of design as we know it, or are these champions simply jumping an imaginary bandwagon? Let’s take a closer look at the two biggest styles in 2013…





15 Years Of Apple Website History

After Tim Cook addressed The Wall Street Journal’s bad reporting on Apple’s cut on component orders for the iPhone 5, the quarterly numbers for 2013 were announced. As everyone expected, they were mind bogglingly good. As we have reported here on Bit Rebels before, Apple is in no way struggling to make profit off of their own ingenuity. But how is it that they continue their success year after year? Maybe the answer can be found in Apple’s website history.




20 Excellent jQuery Sliders for your Website

Making a website that is aesthetically pleasing is a process. It’s not generally going to happen overnight and it certainly won’t happen without a little intuition. It also requires the usage of a lot of different technologies to make the website look its very best.


30+ Creative and Inspiring Web Design Portfolio Websites

Many talented web designers like to show off their skills online and web design portfolio websites have become very popular. This is also a strong trend other creative niches and many graphic designers and photographers have creative portfolios as well.


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