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Weekly Design News Roundup – 23 August 2013

August 23, 2013 • By

The week is coming to an end and that means it is time for us to look back on the week that passed, the best design news, resources and other goodies. This week we look at alternatives to Adobe InDesign, yellow UI elements, 60 free resources you must try as well as stamp brushes for Photoshop and much more.

8 amazing sites built with ExpressionEngine

When you think of content management systems, you think ofWordPress and Drupal websites – but don’t discount the alternatives.ExpressionEngine is one of the most designer-friendly systems around. Its template structure allows you to develop full-featured content websites without the restrictions of many of its rivals; it doesn’t interfere with your HTML or CSS as it doesn’t require dynamic code to be present on a page; and there’s a lively and helpful community behind it. It’s for these reasons that more and more great sites are being built with ExpressionEngine today – here are just a few that showcase just what it’s capable of…


60 free resources you really must try 

Finding the right elements for a project can significantly improve the quality of the final product, especially if your deadline’s too tight to build these things yourself. Quality is essential if you’re to maintain a professional finish. Fortunately the quality of the resources available to us continues to rise and premium standard resources are everywhere. Here’s a collection of some of our current favorites.


Collection Of Free Stamp Brushes For Photoshop

A huge brush library is always essential for designers.Today many websites offer free Photoshop brushes but it can be time consuming for you but that’s why we help you.We always love to share free and high quality resources with designers and developers and in today’s post we have gathered free stamp brushes for Photoshop users. The collection contains office stamp brushes,postage stamp brushes,rubber stamps as well as postal stamp brushes.Here is the collection of stamp brushes in 21 sets.


 Design Inspiration: 10 Sites With Beautiful Abstract Imagery

Designers can let their creativity reign when using abstract imagery in a website design. Whether in the form of a photo or an illustration, abstract imagery creates a visual identity that portrays an attitude and personality of a brand that is more memorable than realistic photography might. For example, decorative artistry on a web page or an illustrated mascot to represent a brand creates a unique image that viewers can hold on to.


50 Creative Law Firm Logos

Law firm logos are required by individual lawyers and corporate scale law firms. This type of logos are maybe the most important kind of logo designing because nothing can be more important that anything related to law. A law firm requires its logo to symbolize knowledge, confidence, and success. All these traits are for the designer to depict in the logo. If you are a designer, law firm logos can not only earn you a reasonable amount of money but a law firm is a very strong recommendation source. Of course, links with a law firm also come handy.


Free PSD Yellow Web UI Elements Kit

The yellow user interface elements are split into different categories: Buttons, Navigation, Form elements and Media, so that they will suit different types of design and needs. Their minimalist style and color are pretty attractive and will definitely capture the attention of your visitors.

 Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 5.09.40 PM

How to Add Retro and Vintage Look to Your Website

Old is always gold! And with the passage of time this retro age transcends time, ages, tastes and style. The vintage and retro are becoming the new trend in the society. And as no one is behind this trend so are the web designers. They work with this style in today’s digital artwork. Since the industry has become completely digital, the use of retro and vintage style is probably the most pervasive trend in the recent times. The trend can be seen in a variety of stylish web sites which are subtle and clearly defined.


Psychology of Color – Inspiration for Web Designers (Infographic) with Color Idea Generators

Colors can impact our mood, our thoughts, and our life. As a Design lover, we use several colors in our website. We should know there is color Psychology behind them. Although color combination goes around business theme and leverage branding flavor etc. But psychological effect also goes with them. Today we are unfolding the concept of color Psychology and How to use different color combination in Web Design.

Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 5.13.06 PM

Website building portal Jimdo creates websites using just an iPhone/iPad

Building a personal website used to be a long ordeal. Prior to the advent of highly customizable blogging platforms like Tumblr and WordPress, building a site required learning code or hiring someone to do all the heavy lifting for you. These days you can build a basic site in minutes at your home computer … and now you can do it from your iOS device.

Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 5.15.25 PM

Useful Google Chrome Extensions for Web Designers

I love Google Chrome. Its simplicity, speed and performance are top notch, undoubtedly. But sometimes, being too simple is also a problem, especially for us web designers who rely heavily on Firefox addons like Web Developer. I walked away from Chrome, yeah, just because it had no addon back in 2008. But now, everything changes again. It has no surprise that other geeks are having the same love to Chrome and they decided to create Chrome Extension, which has similar function to Firefox Addon. I digged into those extensions and was very satisfied to them, therefore I decided to pick up 40 extensions which is extremely helpful for web designers and share with you guys.


Best Alternatives to Adobe InDesign

Indesign is one of the most successful tools for desktop publishing and print media designing. But sometimes, you might feel that this software does not suit you. So you hunt for alternatives to adobe indesign. Indesign can cause trouble in some situations. One of those situations can be that you use a right-to-left language and Indesign doesn’t support it. Or maybe you are just looking for a cost-effective solution. So today we are presenting the best Indesign alternatives. Some of them might just be even better than the actual Indesign.



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