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Weekly Design News Roundup – 20 September 2013

September 20, 2013 • By

The week is coming to an end and that means it is time for us to look back on the week that passed, the best design news, resources and other goodies. This week we look at amazing WordPress themes, CSS transitions for link effects, 11 creative typographies, as well as suggestions for creating a news site and much more.

33 Trendy Portfolio WordPress Themes

WordPress theme industry is growing very fast and sometimes it is really hard to follow the new design trends and of course new themes.In the first days of wordpress people were always looking for free wordpress themes but now you can buy really creative and fully functional themes for not more than $40.These premium wordpress themes are all responsive and you get unlimited support.So why don’t you change your blog layout get a more modern looking theme? In today’s post we have gathered really beautiful and trendy wordpress themes to use as a portfolio.Here is the collection of 33 responsive portfolio wordpress themes.

Top 10 Latest HTML5 Apps You Should be Using

Html5 has truly taken the web designing world by storm. The latest edition of the Html language has already replaced many other multimedia and software platforms, and the trend only seems to be growing. Naturally, there are lots of new apps and tools now being developed using Html5. These applications carry lots of features and options for the users, and are very light on the PC memory.The Html5 based designing tools, in particular, are quickly becoming famous because of their user friendly features and interfaces. Here’s a list of 10 recent Html5 apps that you should check out.


75+ Best Metro WordPress Themes

his WordPress Metro Themes a fully responsives, which means it adapts to the screen resolution of the device it is being viewed on. Your website will be equally usable and good-looking whether it is being viewed on large monitors, laptops, tablet devices, and smartphones. You can build your own color scheme with the theme options. You can select the primary theme color, as well as colors for each category and text and links colors.. The homepage is fully configurables. It has widgetized sidebars and a footer where you can use the widgets. You can fully configure the homepage and posts using the very easy and powerful theme options.


40+ High Performing HTML5 Templates 2013 – Looking For Serious Web Design?

The benefits of HTML5 templates are many and new tags will help web designers build stunning future proof websites without the need for proprietary plugins like e.g. Flash. In this article, I share a collection of high quality HTML5 themes to provide inspiration and insights about HTML5 based web design. Hopefully, this collection will help in creating your own HTML5 powered website.


40 Black Portfolio Themes for WordPress

These portfolio wordpress themes are the most popular and best suited for photographers who are looking for a minimalist design for their photography gallery. We assure you that these black portfolio themes for wordpress will help you show the true essence of your work with large and even full screen sliders. Other notable features that are incorporated in these premium wordpress themes are, different color schemes, interactive jQuery sliders, portfolio filters, hover effects, user friendly admin panel, incorporated Google web fonts, Ajax contact forms, social network feeds and everything else you need.


Use CSS transitions for link effects

If they’re thrown into page design without careful planning, transitions can end up simply distracting users. After all, for most sites, content remains the top priority. However, by adding neat responses to hover and focus (always remember to pair these together for keyboard users) we can introduce just the right amount of surprise and delight when the user initiates the sequence to enhance their experience without CSS tricks getting in the way.


Personal and Technical Web Designing Skills

A web designer is a person that designs the website from scratch to an end, by considering all the major requirements and need of the client. All the major requirements of the site like information/requirement gathering, designing, coding, testing and even maintenance of the website after its launch, is done by web designer. A good website designing is the one which satisfies all requirements of the client with no errors. A web designer should possess some good personal as well as technical web designing skills. These skills are necessary to become an effective Web Designer. Those skills are briefly described below.


Importance of Responsive Web Designs for Mobile

With the rise of mobile and tablet web, it has now become a necessary and trend to designresponsive websites for mobile phones devices which change and adjust themselved with device secreen size and resolution. This is an important practice and is considered very profitable for businesses. Millions of people use internet on their smartphone so that importance of mobile web design could not be neglected.


11 creative examples of typefaces and typography

A picture is worth more than a thousand words, but a picture created out of words is worth more than a million words. Looking to give even more meaning to the words that hold importance to you? Using intricate fonts and typographic designs can help your words mean so much more. Today, we’re bringing you some of the best unique and intricate examples of typography to help inspire you to create text masterpieces of your own.


How to design news sites 

Recently, a friend suggested that I write an analysis of news websites: what they’re doing right, and what they’re doing wrong. He suggested that the online news experience was too backward, and maybe a bit boring, and figured that they could make better use of AJAX and similar technologies to streamline content delivery and site navigation. I was inclined to agree at first. I feel that, in many cases, newspapers are still trying too hard to maintain the physical newspaper experience, but with a sliding images approach. In doing this, they often restrict themselves to a familiar but somewhat limiting visual format. This trend also shows itself in some very poor UX decisions, such as almost illegibly small body text.


Determining the Real Wants of Your Client

The freelancing world is filled with a great number of complex skill sets and many artists; freelance designers are constantly trying to match their skills and talents to the demands of their clients. While working on a new project can be amazingly satisfying, it can also be stressful and frustrating when your ideas don’t match up with what the client is looking for.


What Classifies as Flat Design?

What classifies as flat design? As this trend has quickly risen in popularity, so has the abundance of people claiming “flat” and “not flat” on various designs. About a week ago I came across a Twitter post by a design blog that had to do with the new GoDaddy redesign, asking people what their thoughts were on it. Curious to see what it looked like, I went over to GoDaddy to check it out. It’s nothing special, just a simple redesign using some flat elements. What I did like, and what was most noticeable, was the amount of clutter they got rid of (the old GoDaddy website was a mess).


7 Things You Need to Do Before Launching Your Mobile App

You need to find a way of making the app popular even before it is launched. This is where things get tricky: You are marketing an app that has not yet been introduced to the people. What is the point of pre-launch marketing? Is it worth it? Your app needs all the publicity it can get. Or else, it will drown in the sea of app that already exist on the app stores. Apple and Android have more than a MILLION apps – you need to start popularizing your app even before you start building it!


20 Inspirational Examples of Contact Pages and Forms | Inspirations

Regardless to how you choose to place it, a contact page is actually a welcoming sign to your visitor that might become your most prized client soon. Every visitor at your site should have a chance to get in touch with you and have a contact page at their disposal, easy to locate and operate. Making it welcoming leads to the fact of how it is designed. The first impression after clicking at “contact us” would clearly indicate whether you really want to be contacted or not. Mostly we observe that paying due attention on contact page design is not properly considered and are left at the developers disposal to make it functionally fit to operate and the designing aspect is totally left out.



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