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Weekly Design News Roundup – 19 July 2013

July 19, 2013 • By

The week is coming to an end and that means it is time for us to look back on the week that passed, the best design news, resources and other goodies. This week we look at great beautiful wood texture, CSS3 tutorials, PSD Tutorials and much more.

40+ Retro Logos for Your Inspiration

In this post, let us take a close look at some retro logos from different designers. Hopefully, these examples will give you some inspiration, which you can utilize in your own work. Retro and vintage style is a popular option among graphic and web designers. However, that retro and vintage feel can be a great possibility for logos too. Vintage style is a popular element in logo design currently and you will see some fine examples from the list I have presented in this post.


20+ Amazing Responsive E-Commerce Websites Examples

I am sure you have noticed that e-Commerce has become mobile and for a good reason. More and more customers expect their vendors to support their mobile buying needs. As e-commerce websites tend to be crowded with grids of products and offers it is not a simple task to make them fit well into a small screen on a mobile device. This means that web designers need to think out of the box and often design responsive layouts with unique designs for the most common screen sizes.


How much it Cost to Design and Develop a Website

Starting a small business website or a big business website, both, require some amount of hard work into building it. But what differs here is the kind of work that goes into creating it and the level of complexity. Often it is observed that development of big websites is a complex process and consumes more time, skills and resources than development of a small website. Thus, before going ahead with the website development plans, learn each and everything about what all is going to be needed during the development phase.


15+ New eCommerce PSD Templates For Inspiration

Since almost everybody goes online nowadays to shop, order food, book travels and vacations, or just for simple chat with friends, ecommerce websites are in bloom to catch their most loved customers. These ecommerce psd templates for websites ensure that they are appealing to the customers and provide all the essential information about the product being sold. There are numerous ecommerce templates to choose from, where most of them are free ecommerce templates that a business can use.


10 Best Chrome Extensions That Could Make You Switch From Firefox

One of the big flaws that made people switch from Firefox to chrome was that it started eating precious memory and CPU. And afterwards the addition of marvelous extensions in chrome made it the user’s favorite browser to use. If you’re in google plus. you can enjoy this Chrome Extensions That Could Make You Switch From Firefox. We have collected 10 best extensions of chrome, which I am sure will propel you to switch from Firefox to chrome.


Build A Full-Feature Design Prototype With Solidify

Ever need to visualize an idea and go beyond a wireframe for a website or application? Knowing if your interface is easy to understand can be tough. Traditional methods of user testing can be disorganized and frustrating. To speed up the process and make interface ideas come alive, try Solidify.


30 Free Wood Textures to give better Feel in your Design

Nature can be a great source for inspiration and creativity for everyone. In designing field, wood textures can play a very significant role as they can help you to improve life and a sure feel to your designs. They can improve the excellence of your design and make it look more stunning. Today I have a great assortment of wonderful high quality textures which can be used in any kind of designing work. I hope this collection will be very useful for you. Check theese out and pick the one that you like!


Tablet Web Design Best Practices: Free Ebook Offers Loads of Useful Tips

Who would dare to not call the guys and girls of Canadian Mobify experts in mobile web design? They actually are. Though not everyone will find their cloud-based design concepts appealing. A short while ago the people at Mobify decided to publish an ebook on the best practices in tablet-focused web design. They titled the 25-pager “Tablet Web Design Best Practices: 30 Ways to Create Amazing Web Experiences on Tablets”. Even more amazing, they give it away for free…


How to Design a Tour Page: Examples and Best Practices

Tour pages are one of the most important components for websites advertising apps and/or services. The tour page is often where interested users will either make the firm decision to sign up or move on to something else. Needless to say, there’s a lot of pressure as a designer to get this right! Fear not however, many talented designers have gone before you and we can learn a lot by looking at their examples. We’ll dive into tour pages from giants like Mozilla, 37Signals and and see what common tricks they all use to win conversions.

Screen Shot 2013-07-19 at 10.31.37 AM

8 Attention-Grabbing WordPress Notification Plugins

Getting your visitors attention can be the biggest problem you face. We’re all constantly subjected to advertising in one form or another our entire waking day. Let’s face it, people can sometimes just get annoyed with ads and what you’re trying to do to earn a living. What you need is to grab back their attention, but *without annoying them*. Here are 8 WordPress plugins that give you the ability to display notification bar in your WordPress blog.


25 Tutorials of User Interface CSS3 Effects (Advanced)

We want to present a series of 25 well-explained tutorials of User Interface CSS3 Effects. These CSS effects give developers a quick and easy solution when it comes to enhancing impressive ui styling, and will work on most modern browsers.


Pros and Cons for Each Type of Image Extensions

A proper image may better transmit an idea or a feeling than a hundred words and any designer is fully aware about this fact. The modality of adding images into a project (no matter if it is a web layout, an infographic, a banner etc.) is mostly an art and only by getting more experienced someone will find the proper solution. Fortunately, our templates are created using only top of the crème images; enjoy the below screenshots just to make a brief idea about the quality and the originality of the images used.