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The week is coming to an end and that means it is time for us to look back on the week that passed, the best design news, resources and other goodies. This week we look at great food websites, awesome UX Tasks, little SEO mistakes you should avoid at all costs, and much more.

8 Sites For Free Stock Photos That Don’t Look Like Free Stock Photos

But before you resolve yourself to either having to whip up your own images or pay top dollar for high quality ones, know that good — free — stock photography actually exists. You just have to know where to look for it! Here are some of the top sites for finding high quality, diverse images for the right price (as in, no price).


How To Design A Great Website? Start With Some Design Inspiration

The Internet is a crowded place with many websites vying for the attention of busy consumers. It’s not uncommon for websites to see bounce rates as high as 70%. In order to attract and engage visitors, a website must stand out. The best way to do that is by choosing a bold design that also improves usability.

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7 Best UX Tasks Apps For Everyone

Everyone needs tools for saving his time and requires mastering its skills. We have collected 7 Best UX Tasks Apps for Everyone. These UX task apps provide experience in getting tested, and feedback from user perspective behavior. Whether you are seasoned or professional you should never stop looking for online solutions for your projects. Being a reader of a design .net we always try to bring fresh and new tools for you. Without wasting time we should jump to our collection of UX tasks, tools and apps which will amaze your work.

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30 Yummy Food & Drinks Website Designs You’ll Love

Just ask any restaurant owner, the food industry is quite competitive and difficult to maintain. It’s not easy to create a spot that serves food loved by a local community. These days the web is the most effective way to find new clients and that is why the food industry should be properly presented online. If you compare how people search for restaurants in almost all cases people are on their mobile device browsing Google, Urbanspoon, Yelp, and many others. Historically it has been easier for big brands to get the word out.


7 Little SEO Mistakes That Make A Big Difference

When it comes to SEO, every little thing matters. This may make everything seem a bit more stressful when you first get started, but rest assured that everything you do can be fixed. The biggest challenge is being able to identify those little SEO mistakes that make such a big difference, which is where this article comes into play. Understanding these small mistakes you can make will help you recognize and fix them before your rankings drop too drastically. Once you fix a small problem, you’re usually good to go the next time the Google bots do a crawl, and then you can go back to focusing on some of your larger tasks. Here’s a list of 7 common SEO mistakes and what you can do to fix them.


Apple’s Competitive Design Advantage in Five Words

Watching yesterday’s Apple Live event, I oohed and aahed over the shots of the iPhone 6 with the rest of you, and when my screen turned black at the end of the Apple Watch teaser, I caught a glimpse of my reflection in the monitor and saw my mouth was hanging open. But to this design lover, it wasn’t any of the beauty shots, but the pull-quote below that I thought was the most significant takeaway from the entire presentation.

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The Most Amazing Free Blank WordPress Themes

The Blank WordPress Themes it helps as a beginning point for creating your own custom theme, and that’s why they’re also called “starter themes” and “naked themes”. With this, you can modify the theme without starting the whole thing from the scrape which makes the procedure easier. The customization requires a basic Word Press PHP, CSS, and HTML codes. Other than theme frameworks, most of the files in a blank Word Press theme are meant to be reformed based on your wants. If you are considering a theme to start your own online business, website, than go for a blank WordPress theme. Some blank WordPress themes will also have beneficial integrated features like receptive layouts and example data to help you check your theme.

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Awesome Showcase of Creative E-commerce Web Designs

With e-commerce websites popping up with up every now and then, designers around the world are working on the designing part to help people come up with a website of their own to provide products and services to the consumers. Well, I won’t say its quite a difficult task to design a creative website for the one who knows what are the important elements of successful e-commerce website.

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Tribute to the 9/11 Victims by the Designer Community

Tribute to the 9/11 Victims is the most heart touching event around the world. 11th September, 2001 is one of the memorable yet painful date for the people of the world. This is the day when humanity had humiliated by some sick minded people. This is the date when the twin towers of World Trade Center were destroyed byterrorists attack planned and done by Al-Qaida under the supervision ofOsama Bin Laden. Early in that morning 19 hijackers took control of the 4 commercial flights of American Airline and United Airline.


35+ Best Metro WordPress Themes

Professionally designed metro themes look similar to windows UI style, which is inspired from the latest windows 8 design. Best web design is always very helpful in making your website look unique, creative and eye-catching. Making a selection of the best WordPress theme before the development of a website is as important as the website content. Fully responsive metro WordPress themes increase your website value and reputation of your business, or personal portfolio.

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10 Social Media Plugins for WordPress

Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and more bring tons of traffic to the sites right after search engines. Moreover, these two sources of traffic are connected: the more people like and share your content, the more chances you have to get to the Google’s top by specific keywords.

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Fresh Tools for Designers and Developers

Designers and developers sometimes keep wondering as to how they can proceed incase they get stuck. Here is when they think of seeking help. For this very reason, with each passing day tools applications, software and websites are being introduced. This is yet another list of fresh tools and apps that we have prepared for you all for the first week of September for you all to take a look and enjoy the availability.


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