How to Get Those Perfect Graphic Designs For Display Advertising?

June 24, 2015 • By

The heart of World Wide Web throbs with Display advertising, for it engulfs almost all the webpages visitors land on. From different web ads to in-page graphics, display advertising has shown its calibre too strong to ignore. In a nutshell, Display advertising is a consolidated term for all kinds of web ads. For entrepreneurs who are endeavouring in the field of e-commerce or other online activity, display advertising is almost an indispensable part of the process.

While good laid web ads increases and monetize traffic, there is absolutely no hidden dogma to compel visitors to click on web ad. However, with a good taste in design and an eye for detail, the whole procedure can find a sweet halt of success. After all, there is a reason why good and professional ads garner huge clicks and earn decent amount of money, while casual and unpremeditated ads are reduced to comparatively skimpy earnings.

What Makes Display Ad Indispensable?

Display advertisements are enormously distributed all over the web because they appear almost next to the readable content on the webpage. This doesn’t interfere with the smooth reading pattern of the visitor, making ads less annoying as compared to those traditional displays of marketing and advertising banners.

One prerogative of display ads is their instant visibility. A person browsing through the internet and reaching on the desired landing page, will instantly be greeted with numerous display ads. On the other hand, traditional marketing channel such as emails run without the assurance of having been seen, especially if they get directed towards spam folder of the receiver.

Another advantage of Display Ads is the way it connects with new customers without losing its retention power over existing ones. It is an easy and affordable way to connect with Display Ads since they are not directed to any specific group of people, but to everyone who visits the website. This establishes a personal dialogue between the consumer and business-owner while preserving the essence of customary marketing and advertising practice.

Facebook’s Custom Audience is an amazing marketing tool that helps you connect to those customers which once came to your website but left abruptly. So while visitors have a faint idea of what your products and services are, they will be lured back into the game as your display ads will remind them of what you were offering them in the first place.

How Professional Display Ad Designs Actually Matter?

A design that doesn’t provoke a ‘buying desire’ won’t fetch you any money nor will it appeal visitors to came back to the website. A multi-billion dollar question however is why a visitor would click on an ad if the content is boring, if the text doesn’t compliment the colors or if the necessary call-to-action buttons are missing? This is where the importance of professional designs comes into picture.

David Ogilvy, the father of advertisements, once famously remarked that it’s not just the content of the ad, but the form of its function and design that attracts customers. Keeping the golden words in mind, it is important to introduce professional graphic elements in your ad. A professional looking ad empowers the website by giving it a creative, durable and unique feel. Good ads yield more clicks. But a fair share of marketers believes that finding such ad designs is no mean feat! However, with the ever-increasing number of online crowdsourcing platforms, it’s not downright impossible to find creative ad designs that yield ample clicks. For example, contests on advertisement designs by offer endless opportunity to get supreme ad designs well within your budget.

But where would you find them in your budget?

The internet world is full of resources and tutorials that can educate you almost instantly to design your display ads. This works for those who want to save cost and doesn’t need professional help. The internet is filled with such sites that dispel easy Do-It-Yourself steps in order to do the same. However, as we mentioned earlier, the best kinds of shoes are always those that fit, not those that look good. It is always better to seek professional help for design needs, but how on the earth are you going to search for a person that can instantly understand your needs, choice and preference? Here are three ways that might help you in hunting down the right one.

  1. Freelancers: This is an economic choice to begin with, since they come cheap and without any added corporate baggage. However, there isn’t much difference between most of the freelancers in the market today since there reach of resources is very limited; also they tend to give you a long deadline. Now, because of their limited scope in designing & resources, the consumer is forced to choose between what freelancers offer rather than what consumers were expecting.
  2. Ad Agencies: Many people would count on ad agencies for their designing needs. But this service doesn’t come cheap because it’s not just the designer that you are paying to, but a whole lot of other people such as the consultants and the immediate managers. Again, since it being an agency, the time offered to listen to your needs is going to be limited. After all, you are just another fish in the sea for them.
  3. Crowdsourcing: Crowdsourcing platforms expose you to graphic artists, logo designers, illustrators and a whole lot visuals artist from all over the world. Through crowdsourcing, we are sure of the fact that it will attract responses in hundreds and thousands. You also won’t be limited to mere few choices of style. mentions how having many choices can lead to the selection of best design. This art of selection gives you an edge over other competitors since you chose your design on the accord of your own interest and quality.

Tips for hassle-free hiring

Irrespective of the designer you choose, do keep in mind few tips and trick that will let you handle the job with an unparalleled panache. Remember, the way you hire a designer can make or break the success of your display advertisement. Scrapped from the likes of Just Creative and HongKiat, we present to you some vital tips for hassle-free hiring.

  • Hunt for a job specific designer only: In case you are searching for your employee over internet, try using specific keywords such as banner and ad designers. This helps you stay away from designers who consider themselves jack of all trades.
  • Experience Matter: In the field of creativity, experience counts as much as a steering wheel in a car. True, young and energetic designers are full of energy as compared to someone older, but then they need strict guidance which might back-fire you on the contract.
  • Don’t neglect the portfolios: Do not pin your faith on a designer until you see their portfolio. A brief look at their past work will help you identify the caliber needed for the present work.
  • Be firm with what you want: Make sure you know beforehand what you want. This way, the designer would be clear before signing on the contract whether the job he is about to undertake is within his scope of ability and talent.

Cost Factor!

How much is enough? On what grounds is money evaluated for creative work? In one way, the cost is totally subjective for the kind of business and strategy you have in your mind. Major startups recommends on not spending more than 10% of your total media budget.

The Right Images

A picture speaks a thousand words. However, with the rise of social media and other SNS platforms, the words are squeezed into such enormous digits that a picture can almost speak up an entire epic. A proper image increases the visual appeal of your display ads, as it summons attention and interest from viewers. Relatable image garner more clicks than usual, because images have a powerful essence to evoke unconscious emotions. Try using minimalistic approach of designing image-oriented ads to churn out maximum visual appeal.

Where to acquire the right kind of images?

It isn’t a child’s play to find appropriate and interesting images for display ads. In fact, designers find the whole task of finding images a daunting one. Here are few ways to get those thousand words speaking images.

  • Social media has a plethora of images available. Search and grab as many as you can.
  • Stock images are a good choice. Internet is full of websites that offer inexpensive access to almost all kind of stock images. Below are just to name a few:
  • The idea to shoot phots on your own is best way to get rid of many copyrights issue on internet. People also like real-time images with little editing done.

These simple yet effective tips will help you launch strong marketing campaigns that will greatly emphasis on your business philosophy. The number of clicks from a visitor is synonymous to how comfortable and secure they are on your website. In fact, a study reveals that the average banner ad has a 0.1% click through rate (CTR), however when the graphics are premium, content is effective and image is visually appealing, the CTR has shown a percentage of almost 2-3%.

Feature image curtsey of Jory Raphael