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Weekly News Roundup – 12 April 2013

April 12, 2013 • By

The week is coming to an end and that means it is time for us to look back on the week that passed, the best design news, resources and other goodies. This week we look at great food websites, killing save for web? amazing business cards as well as the art of concept cars.

15 Creative CSS Approaches Used in Websites

Nowadays, web designers are offered a wealth of tools that will help them do everything from organizing and creating a particular design to debugging their final design. Here are the most responsive CSS  approches website designs that you can draw inspiration from and use for your own design.


70 Awesome Illustrator Tutorials That Every Designer Should See

Today we have assembled a stunning collection of some of the  latest and most creative Illustrator tutorials from around the Web. I am confident that these 70 awesome Illustrator tutorials will guide you in creating some of the most amazing Illustrations for your next project.


20+ Free Flat User Interface Templates and Designs

Minimal or “flat” in web design, either a trend or revolution, seems to be the new center of attraction in the creative spectrum especially with the release of Metro UI of Windows 8. Accompanying the release of the new trendy user interface designs, various metro WordPress themes inspired by Windows 8 have been released to satisfy the needs and taste of many webmaster who wants to transform their website.


12 Innovative and Imaginative Cloud Inspired Logo Designs

In this post about Cloud Inspired Logos Collection, our motto is to share refreshing and cool stocks of Logo Designs from the world of creativity. Cloud Inspired Logo Designs have gained huge popularity these days because this is the novel and latest trend in the market. Cloud Inspired Logo Designs have a smart and attractive appearance and they can easily represent your thoughts and creative ideas to other people.


30 Attractive Search Box PSD Designs for Free Download

Among the most important design elements integrated in every website is a search box. A search box is a small box often seen at the corner or sidebar portion of a website. It helps your visitors to surf the needed information in cases where they cannot get what they are searching for using a navigation menu.


Get Green Inspiration with These 25 Green Color Websites

In this showcase you will find 25 beautiful and inspiring green designs. Green for most of us is associated with nature, ecology and life but this showcase of green websites will present some other vision of designing website.


Using Maps In Web Design : 25 Amazing Examples

Understanding maps is relatively simple. Place your company or business on a satellite view, it’s easy. But how about a dynamic mapping which disseminates informations from a database? means that your maps is not a simple image but an integral part of your website.


15+ food and restaurant web designs

So, what happens when restaurants want to go online? Who says how a restaurant website should look? What are those standards? Well, there’s really no set idea — we have schemes for business sites and app sites, etc — but those designs for food and restaurants have a bit more leeway. Let’s take a look at some good, creative restaurant sites.

Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 11.38.04 PM

60 Beautiful & Creative Embossed Business Cards

Today we going to share another 60 well designed embossed business cards that stand out of the crowd. Embossing your business card is a great effect to grab your audience’s attention, along with printing on different mediums, sizes of card and utilising complimentary techniques such as letterpress, spot UV and die cut.


Infographic: Email Design Best Practices

Email Marketing is yet not dead. With the increasing rivalry, marketers wish to capture the audience’s attention making the best out of email campaign. With this, it’s even tougher for the designers to meet the growing needs of impeccable email design. There is an interesting infographic I would like to share with designers and marketers eyeing on ‘Email Design Best Practices’ including, useful design best practices from around the Email world depicted in very engaging yet effective way.

Screen Shot 2013-04-12 at 8.19.33 AM

10 Fresh Web design Goodies

As you guys know, we’re big fans of quality web design goodies here at Inspired Mag and there are quite a few good ones live at the moment so I thought to share some of them with you. Check out a fantastic collection of recent freebies, themes, graphic elements and other goodies.


Dev argues: kill ‘Save for Web’

Developer Adam Bradley has argued that ‘Save for Web’ needs to become a thing of the past. Speaking to .net, he said that, although images should always be optimised for online use, the specific option of ‘Save for Web’ should be replaced by one that automates the process of resizing, cropping and optimisation, depending on output requirements.



The Art of Concept Cars

You don’t need to be a good driver to love concept cars; in fact you don’t even need to be a driver at all to love them. They are all around us and from a young age we have been drawn to them. From small doodles sketched at the back of our school exercise books to great big paintings of cars as toddlers. It’s easy to see that we have always been inspired by the art of concept cars.


60 amazing examples of HTML5

Check out these brilliant websites and hear from the people who made them just how they achieved their goals. Meanwhile, if you want to learn more about HTML5 then check out our list of great HTML5 resources.


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