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Weekly Design News Roundup – 26 April 2013

April 26, 2013 • By

The week is coming to an end and that means it is time for us to look back on the week that passed, the best design news, resources and other goodies. This week we look at Twitter accounts to follow, PSD Freebies, pricing tables for inspiration, as well as bad design ideas that might actually just work. If you have come across any other great news this past week then feel free to share them in the comments!

10 Cloud-Based UX Design Tools to try in 2013

We have selected 7 tools for UX designers that can help in the process of creating mood boards, concepts and interactive wireframes and prototypes. These tools have been selected for the usability of their designs and ease of learning. These tools are Cloud-Based so you can collaborate with your team and send customers an online version of the design. Some of them allow you to set a usability test that can help to improve the user experience on your projects.


3 Mozilla Webmaker Tools You Should Know

Mozilla is off to a good start converting regular web users into web makers. Webmaker tools are a great resource for aspiring developer and designers who want to take the next big step in learning and building. This post will take a brief look at three Mozilla Web Maker Tools, respectively ThimbleX-Ray Goggles, and Popcorn Maker. These three tools will allow you to learn how to code, inspect the codes of other already-built sites and produced mashup of videos.


20 Best PSD Freebies Every Designer Should Have

There are lots of websites out there that offer free PSD files but it’s a bit difficult to follow them all and browse all their files in order to find the best ones to use in your own designs. We’ve done this job for you and found 20 of the best PSD files that must be in your freebies collection. Whether you are a graphic designer or a web designer, this list will surely be useful to you.


10 Best Mobile Browser Framework For Developers

With the launch of Apple’s iPhone, the whole mobile industry has been revolutionized. Mobile development has enhanced a lot and is growing day by day. Mobile browsers are very rich and boast support for HTML5, CSS3 even with CSS animation. The mobile industry got even better when Google launched Android. So we can call the current times the mobile platform era with mobile development being on the rise.


40+ Responsive WordPress Plugins – Add mobile friendly features!

I have collected more than 40 WordPress plugins build for responsive layouts and hope you will be able to find the functionality you need. I have categorized the plugins into the following sections: Shortcodes and Page Builders, images and video, sliders, menus, forms and other. This will make it easy for you to navigate to the type of plugin you need. Keep in mind that even though the plugins support responsive layouts and will fit into most responsive websites, it is important to check their responsiveness on all devices you want to support.


45+ Pricing Table Designs for Inspiration

Selling your products and services online is not as easy as it may seem. Often it takes more than just a neat web design and some stunning images in order to seal the deal. Especially when it comes to providing services having a pricing table centralized on your website can help you achieve a higher conversion rate. Prizing tables makes it easier for customers to compare options, get and overview and find whatever they need.pricing-table3_thumb

11 Beautiful Website Templates with Blurred Background

Big photos with blurred background are becoming trend in web design. Since this style not only creates a cool effect, it also can bring reader attention and focus with your main content, screenshot, text or the other item. This effect will be useful for your website agencies, portfolios, business services or corporate websites. In this article, we gathered 11 Beautifully Website Templates using blurred background images to help you start create your own business websites.


20 Creative Logos With Buildings

Logos is what makes a brand standout from others, but having the right logo takes time and a lot of research and understanding the branding and marketing world picking the right colors, fonts, and spacing is very important to having the right logo for your brand. In this post you will find 20 Creative Logos With Buildings.


5 bad design ideas that may surprisingly work for a website

Following the trends in web design can sometimes have a negative effect on your work. The final product may end up looking just like everyone else’s because you’re trying to stay with the pack. So don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Sometimes the best websites are created by playing around with absolutely terrible design ideas. Try it — you may be surprised what will actually work in your favor!


10 Free Useful Incoming Call PSD Files For Mobile Designer

Mobile Designers are struggling to deliver professional interfaces in their app and this involves a great deal of working on PSD files . These templates can considerably reduce the time you spent preparing the graphic elements of your apps. When designing applications for mobile devices you may need an Incoming call functionality predesigned psd templates . In this post we bring you an assortment of 10 free usefulincoming call psd files to use on your smartphones app – have a look and use the best!


30 Must-Follow Twitter Accounts for Web Designers

From renowned blogs and magazines to the seasoned professionals and rising stars, Twitter plays host to a multitude of web industry related accounts. So many in fact that at times it can be difficult to figure out where to get started. This is why we’ve put together a list of 30 must-follow Twitter accounts for web designers. Following these accounts will be sure to keep you up to date with the latest industry news and resources as well as linking you with a group of super talented individuals who openly share their knowledge, thoughts, and ideas on a daily basis.


4 Skills for Web Designers to Build a Successful Freelance Business

The odds are great that you’ve stumbled upon and read tons of books and articles on how to improve your craft. Ranging from the basics of CSS and HTML to the latest guides of JavaScript coding techniques, you’ve probably digested all the content until there is nothing left. Sounds familiar, right?

Even if it doesn’t, you should realize that being a successful web designer is a lot more than knowing how to code programming languages. There are many essential skills that are not conventionally related to any web designing role, however you should learn them in order to build asuccessful freelance business.


Design Resources Collection: 15 Premium Badge Sets

Creating premium badges from scratch can be a real time consumer and even if you put your energy into it, you’ll want newer versions and looks to stay within the latest trends. Their versatility and numerous usage possibilities in both print and digital design are a sign that you should have a large top notch set in your personal library. So I decided to help you out by putting together a collection of 15 premium sets of badges, perfect for instant purchase, download or just design inspiration.


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