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Use X Theme 3.0 to create powerful WordPress websites

January 29, 2015 • By

Did any of your client websites ever suffer from plugin or widget overload? The symptoms of this terrible affliction include slow loading pages and a dramatic decrease of incoming traffic. Cure it for good with the powerful X Theme.

It’s been a while since X Theme has come to our attention. This theme demands attention. The customer support alone has been praised far and wide. But that’s not the only thing that’s fast with X Theme. Now, it has 15 top of the line Extensions that are optimized for high performance.

X is grounded in clean code, cross-device responsive, retina ready, and 100% fluid. It also opens a live preview Customizer and a page builder with unlimited styling plus unlimited sidebars. Besides, X offers plenty of useful shortcodes.

The Theme with Complete Designs


Most of all, we admire the individual designs from X Theme. We’re looking at the single most versatile WordPress theme on the web. will continue to add Stacks, but so far you can take advantage of Integrity, Renew, Icon, and Ethos. Four different Stacks, and four different looks.

Ethos is the newcomer. engineered it for news or magazine websites that use a lot of images. Integrity was the first. Business websites and e-Commerce shops based on this Stack look elegant and professional. Renew is multi-purpose and suffused with elements of flat design. On the other hand, Icon is a minimal and modern design for blogs.

“Really a GREAT theme. Infinite design possibilities, suitable for every project. I particularly appreciate the quickness of customer service, and the control you have over layout with the Visual Composer.”

“I had been looking for a theme that would set me free. I don’t want footer, header, or any of that, I just want a blank page where I can add what I need. It took about 6 seconds to get to that result with this theme. The last theme I’ll ever need!”

Why You Want to Use Extensions


At the beginning of this post, we emphasized the importance of using optimized plugins for your clients’ websites. Now, let’s have a look at the plugins bundled with X Theme, and see what they can do for you.

First off, a total number of 15 Extensions are on the table, for free. Purchase a license, and verify it. Then, they’re all yours. Updates are automatically enacted for all lifetime. And the best part is that you don’t have to worry that future updates will mess up your work.

There are two kinds of Extensions: custom-made, and adapted.

Our favorite Extensions are the custom-made plugins for marketing. A good example is Content Dock. Don’t hesitate to use it and propose content suggestions or marketing offers for your readers. Use anything from shortcodes, to links, images, and text. Devise a non-intrusive box that shows up as users are done scrolling to the bottom of the page.

Push deals forward more directly through a well-timed video and a big call to action button just below. Configure the Video Lock extension, and you’ll see that it’s possible to establish a precise width for the video. Insert a sizable heading and subheading, then choose one of the three available marketing buttons.

You probably want your website to have a good MailChimp Integration, so you can subscribe users to an e-mailing list. With X Theme, it’s only too easy to customize a fine-looking form, and place it on your website for everyone to see.

Speaking of forms, be sure to insert a check box whereby users agree to your Terms of Use. They can’t complete the registration process if they skip this step, and a notice appears to inform them of this.

In no particular order, here are the other precious Extensions that X Theme has in stock. We leave it to you to infer their uses: White Label, Olark Integration, Smooth Scrolling, Google Analytics, Custom 404, Under Construction, Facebook Comments, Disqus Comments, Soliloquy, Slider Revolution, and Visual Composer.

See how the following websites use the Content Dock extension.




X Theme – The Performance Wizard

So far, so good. We witnessed what this theme is capable of, through over a dozen Extensions. The fact that most of them are premium WordPress plugins doesn’t mean they pose a threat to your bandwidth. did a good job of adapting these Extensions. So, you don’t have to worry that humans and search engines choose to ignore your website. Fast load times boost your page ranking, which in turn leads to more traffic.

Little did we know that the X Theme performance stretches beyond Extensions, to the actual Customizer. Some time ago, the theme developers tried something. They tried to store settings on the database, and then fetch them back, in two ways. First, with the Theme Modification API, and then with the Customizer Options API. There was a big difference in load time. With the Options API, settings were stored in the database on an individual row. And so, in stark contrast with the Theme Modification API, the second route shortened loading time in the Customizer by 81%, and in the front end, by 31%.

This explains why X Theme is the fastest selling product on ThemeForest. Presently, it counts 38K+ sold copies.


Make the Most of X Theme

In 2015, are firing with all cylinders. If you like what they’ve done with X Theme at the end of last year, you’re going to love what lies in store next. For starters, the demos will be updated and added to. New updates and exciting new features are on the way. It seems like X already has a significant head start compared to other themes. What are you waiting for? Buy the ultimate WordPress theme today!