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Top 25 Websites that will Help you Create Great Visuals for your Website and Social Media

October 28, 2015 • By

If you are like me, you want to have great visuals. Visuals help convey a message to readers. The problem is that sometimes it’s hard to find the best resources to create that specific visual. Many times creating visuals can be very stressful but thanks to these websites you can be stress-free!

In fact, one of the common mistakes by bloggers or websites is not using visuals. Visuals can be a valid reason why blogs and websites disappoint their audience in terms of appearance. As a result, these blogs and websites with poor images usage fail to increase visitors’ engagement.

You see, visuals play a vital role in blogging and social media. If you want people to keep coming back to read your content and posts, you need to have great visuals. You need to give them something to remember after they’ve left your blog or social page.

We humans remember many things by what we see, so take advantage of that and use it so that users will remember you. The following websites that I’ve gathered will help you create those great visuals and get people coming back for more.

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Pexels is a pretty awesome website because all of the images are for free! You can use them for personal needs and even commercial. They currently have more than 3,800 photos. Every week they have over 70 new high resolution photos which makes it even more awesome.

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FlatIcons is the place to go if you are in need of icons for any kind of visual project. You can use these on your website, poster, infographic, social burst, logo or any other place you would have need for them. One thing nice about FlatIcons is that you can resize, change the color and background before downloading them. This makes it easier, freeing you from doing that after downloading. Again, these can be used for any project for free!

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GraphicBurger is, again, a great site to visit if you are in need of mock-ups, icons and backgrounds, among many others. If you need a pretty mock-up for your website, a client presentation, social media post, presentation background or for other needs; GraphicBurger is a good place to go. Some of their mock-ups even come in PSD format.

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Canva is one that is fairly new but tremendously awesome! You can create visuals for multiple social networks, presentations, ads, emails, and even business cards! You can easily create all your visuals from one dashboard – they are all saved on your dashboard too! FYI, there are some graphics and images that you have to pay for but there are a lot of free graphics, as well.

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Pablo is another favorite because of how easy it is to use. I understand why Buffer came up with something like this, it makes it easier for people to use their social media platform where they can create visuals as well. It doesn’t have as many features as Canva but it can get a lot done quick. It has a set of images that you can use as backgrounds but you can also upload your own image and add text to it. You can create a visual in 30 seconds for free!

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If you like to mess around with different fonts and be creative, this is the website for you. FontSquirrel offers huge list of fonts that are totally free. With access to a site like this, you won’t be going any other place to look for that quirky, funny or common font for your visuals.

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Don’t get me wrong but sometimes it is hard to match colours together. For many who are not professional artists, it’s very hard to create a visual wherein it doesn’t hurt the eyes or it isn’t hard to read due to bad colour matching. If this is you, visit ColourLovers and take a look at all of the colour palettes and patterns that they have to offer.

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One of my personal favorites, Videezy has over 4k videos that are HD in quality and can be downloaded for free! Videos of the clouds, animals, cities, sunsets and a bunch of others too. This right here is worth a ton. FYI, be sure to read the README file that comes with the download because some of the videos have different licensing terms and conditions.

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Have you ever had a hard time finding the right fonts that go well together? Whoever thought of this is definitely a genius. TypeGenius is a website where you select the font that you are going to use and it will give all fonts that match good with it. How cool is that? Say goodbye to mismatched fonts in visuals and presentations! This is one website that you should have bookmarked so that you never go wrong.

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Infographics are becoming a trend these days and so many people want to create theme but just don’t have the resources to do so. Piktochart is that type of website where you can get it done yourself if you are on a tight budget. Most of the time, people outsource visuals such as this and spend a huge amount of money. Piktochart has become a lifesaver to many and will continually do so.

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If you love quotes and you love changing your social media header and cover images, you can combine those two and make them in one dashboard! You can also use the quote images in other places but just having the feature to make them directly for Facebook and Twitter headers is a bonus. This site allows you to create a quote cover in three simple steps that will only take minutes to complete.

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Placeit is another great site if you are looking mock-ups and you don’t have the skill or time to do it in a program such as Photoshop. You can get your mock-ups done with a click of a button. Although you would have to purchase a lot of the high resolution mock-ups before download, you can still avail of the free ones which are smaller in size.

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PicMonkey is another one of those programs that saves you money and computer hard drive space. This is a web based Photo Editor and is perfect for those who need something like Photoshop but are on a budget. When you need to fix up an image and add some life to it for a featured blog image – this is it. They currently have a Free 30-day Trial for the premium version but they also have a free version with certain limitations.

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Looking for more high quality images for different projects? Unsplash gives 10 new photos every day that you can do pretty much anything with. This is a dashboard that even professionals take advantage of, and what is better than being able to use what they do? A lot of people sometimes think that professionals always use paid sites for their resources but no, they too love getting great resources for free.

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Word clouds are pretty popular. Normally, a word cloud would take quite a while to make (if you would be using Photoshop or Illustrator) but this web-based tool does all the hard work for you. Stop wasting your time doing it yourself or having somebody do it for you. This is another great tool for creating your next visual all by yourself!

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 11.42.56 AM allows you to easily get infographics done. They have a massive list of infographic templates that you can use. You can download them in low quality, high quality or pdf format once you’ve created that infographic. Share it across your social media channels and get that engagement that you’ve been wanting You can even use them in your next blog post.

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This website is a huge help. There are a lot of times where you just can’t come up with any good visual concepts; this site will help with that. Get design inspiration from Designspiration, they have loads of images that will help you create a great visual! Now you can make your friends jealous by having better design inspiration.

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No need to buy Photoshop because Pixlr is a tool that you can do a lot with. Pixlr is a web-based Photo Editor pretty similar to Photoshop. Create layers, edit the color, transform objects, add overlays and many others. The editor is pretty much like a Photoshop dashboard while the Express is where you can easily create a collage and edit pictures with a few clicks.

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Titles are the key to getting people to read your article/content. If you’ve got a really bad title then no one will even bother reading the content. I’ve given a lot of websites that help create infographics, edit images, give free mock-ups and graphics; but sometimes those aren’t enough. You’ve created the perfect visual but something is off, maybe the title? This website will give you some pretty good titles just by you providing the keyword/s. They might need some tweaking but most of the ones it gives are pretty good.

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SlideGenius is a professional PowerPoint agency that has a lot of great tips on creating great visuals, presentations and writing great content. Improve your skills by reading through the tips on the blog and watching the educational videos as well. Their YouTube channel also has a number of videos on how to improve your content, visuals and presentations.

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Canva has an amazing dashboard where you can create nifty and great looking visuals. Another great column on their website is the DesignSchool, the place to learn lots of design tips and tricks. If you want to learn for free, and from professionals, the Canva Design school is a blog that you should be reading.

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Slideshare isn’t just a place to post powerpoint presentations or infographics, it’s also a place to learn and read about the latest trends. There are two specific categories that you can check out and follow; Design and Art & Photos. Both will be a huge help to pretty much anybody who is creating visuals. You can see how others design their presentations, read tips on how to improve your designs, and even how to choose the right photos.

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With Powtoon you can captivate, engage and explain everything to your audience. Powtoon is a dashboard where you can create animated videos and presentations. You can use these on your blog, for your client presentations, for social media, for your company info and much more! There is a free version but if you need to have the extra features there’s a premium option that comes at with a great deal.

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Thinglink is where you can make interactive images. You can add links and content to an image where users can click on for it to show. This is a great platform for storytelling, capturing special moments and making them even more memorable, it’s also great for increasing user engagement. This tool has a free plan that includes their brand watermark, the next plan starts at $10/month.

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Simple as they are, Meme’s tend to get everyone’s attention. They get thousands of shares across social media. They never get boring and they will always bring laughs during coffee breaks at work. You can join in the fun by creating your own Meme’s by registering for free.

There you have it, I’ve included websites that offer free images, graphics, fonts, tools, resources, there are blogs and many more. I hope that these top 25 websites will help you create great visuals that will increase user engagement! Feel free to share and comment.