The Evolution and Origin of Vintage Style Web Design

June 22, 2008 • By

Since so many people found all of the vintage textures and brushes useful, I thought it would be interesting to examine vintage style web design and how it has evolved. So, here is a showcase of this popular trend from the past 6 years, and a look at the original trend setter.






2003 – The Origin

In 2003, which seems like an eternity ago in terms of web design, Ingo J. Ramin launched the portfolio site for 247 Media Studios. The site and it’s portfolio pieces were revolutionary in the way that finely detailed textures and rustic design elements were used to create a vintage look and feel.

Even though the site remains virtually unchanged, there has been a promised version 2 coming for about 4 years. With 135 pieces in the portfolio section, the lack of a redesign could be because Ingo is too busy, or because the design still holds up.