How superfast broadband creates a "smart" & stylish home

August 28, 2014 • By

The number of people who want their homes to follow a ‘high tech’ interior design style is constantly growing. Even someone renovating a period Victorian or Edwardian property with extended glass garden extensions might want the rest of their interior decor to reflect a 21st century ideal.

The ways to achieve this result now goes far beyond taking a simply modernist approach based on steel and glass, black and white colours and clean lines. In fact, the way the Internet is used in the home is now more important to overall style than the shade of paint, but how does superfast broadband create a stylish home?

Broadband choices

Superfast internet speeds used to be something that only high end businesses with dedicated connections could achieve and which came with a hefty price tag. Thankfully, today most of us expect to be able to stream different media without buffering and breakdowns and this is made possible by broadband. Connecting multiple devices throughout our homes gives us the opportunity to take the concept of a “media hub” to a new level and turn our homes into a design hub that caters to all our needs.

Superfast broadband packages help households in the UK access the internet more efficiently without burning a hole in our pockets. Infinity and other packages help to reduce the frustration of load times so we can make the most of our favourite gadgets in our homes.

So, how do you take a feature like this and use it to dictate the style of your home?

Everything’s connected

The modern domestic environment is moving towards a truly science fiction way of life and that means everything is connected to everything else. By setting up your new broadband to make the most of this development you can create a modern and stylish looking interior that is as convenient as it is attractive.

Set your router in a hidden location to stop it from detracting attention in your room and opt for sleek surfaces and lots of metal and glass. Keep big gadgets out on display for all to see and use your broadband connection to get the most out of the latest pieces of kit – such as Smart TVs.

It’s even possible to programme various devices in your home while you are out and about, via remote access on the Internet so why not invest in a few of them? As the ‘internet of things’ continues to grow you will be able to do everything from turn your lights off or set the thermostat from your phone – now that’s a party trick!

Old and new

For those with more traditional homes, you can still use broadband to dictate your style – albeit in a different manner. Keep counters and décor traditional and conservative, using traditional rustic materials such as plain wood and wrought iron. Gadgets should be hidden from view to avoid clashing with your traditional interior so look for cabinets to store the TV and radiator cabinets to cover your central heating.

You can still use your broadband connection to program and operate these devices – you just won’t constantly have them out on display!

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