Promote Yourself Through CSS Galleries

March 12, 2008 • By

So you’ve spent the last few years developing your skills as a web designer, and now you want to offer your services to other people. Obviously, you need to create a portfolio site, but how do you get your new site in front of thousands of people? The best and easiest way is to get featured on CSS galleries. They are quickly becoming one of the first places professionals look when trying to find talented web designers.

Here are a few tips that will help you get featured and make the best of it:

Make it Gallery Worthy

First and foremost, your site needs to look good, but your idea of looking good may differ from that of the design community. It is important to know what trends are popular. So start surfing the galleries and soaking up the latest design styles. I am not encouraging you to just do what everybody else is doing, but instead learn how to apply current design trends in your own work.

As you have probably already figured out, the presentation of your site needs to be CSS driven. A good way to get a CSS site up and running is use WordPress. WordPress is a free blogging platform, that works just as well as a CMS, and using the default theme as a foundation is a great way to build your own theme. If you are just now making the transistion from table based layouts, it is also a great way to learn CSS. WordPress as a CMS is a widely adopted practice and there are even galleries dedicated to this type of site.

Submitting with a Purpose

You could randomly submit your site to one gallery and more than likely end up on many more. However, if you take a more structured approach to your submitting, you end up getting featured on more sites. There are some galleries that want to be the first to feature you, and probably won’t feature you if you have already been seen on too many other sites. The key is to submit and get listed on these first, then follow with the less picky sites.

Make the Traffic Long Lasting

Being featured on CSS galleries can give you traffic increases of up to 5,000 uniques a day that last for several days. Once the initial spike ends, you will continue to see several hundred visits a day. This spike in traffic is great, but there is more benefits than just the direct referrals. Many of the gallery sites are very high ranking sites which means any outbound links to you tells Google that the content on your site must be important. However, people probably won’t be searching for terms related to your portfolio pieces. So, consider adding some relative content in the form of a blog or articles. If you end up using WordPress to power your site, adding this type of section will be that much easier.

Guide to the Galleries

These two are the upper echelon of CSS Galleries. They only showcase the best of the best and according to them there aren’t very many.

These galleries only post top notch designs, and seem to be very particular in their selection. Make sure to submit to these first:

If you failed at getting listed on the above galleries, feel free to submit to all of these: