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Inspiring and Stunning Dark Web Designs

August 3, 2009 • By

From a designers perspective the use of dark backgrounds (even the minimalist of ones) centers the attention towards the content, making it a popular choice for portfolios, image galleries, and design-related sites.

Dark web designs, if structured correctly, have a nack for being mysterious, elegant, smooth, and professional. This can many times be both beneficial to the visitor and effective to the content showcased on the site if the right colors are chosen for the text. Below, you’ll find a showcase of 20 dark designs that match a few of the criteria’s listed above. We tried our best to feature as diverse of a selection as possible for your enjoyment and inspirational needs.


The Starbucks website illustrates beautiful use of Flash, with attractive navigation.


This website chooses dark colors to get its deep message across. The design is simple, clever, and affecting.


Here’s a dark web site that maintains it’s entire theme with consistency and delivers easy to spot content.


The Statement is a bold blog mostly backed by stunning typography and great use of black and white styles.


This site has an outer space theme that can make you feel as though you’re floating in the design if you make eyes with it long enough.


BootB offers an unorthodox design stacked by creative colors and a gorgeous sketch theme.


Traffik showcases a terrific use of transparent layers and an organized layout.


The Cyan site lives up to its name as the entire site is laid out in the same color its business is named after.


This site really takes originality to a whole different level. The nice blend of colors and creative layout says it all.


The printhuge site gets right to the point with the large un-admissable background image.


The use of light effects and gradients within this site livens up the dark edges and its surrounding.


Not sure what language this site is written in, however one thing that can be said is that it’s beautiful. The site gives you a cozy feeling while you can’t the similarities the main design has with typography used in many flyers.


The ideafoundry displays a simple, original and minimalistic design.


2pitch seems to be on top of every aspect of its site. The nice colors and shades bring creativity to endless boundaries.


The Let It Bleed site utilizes the dark colors to bring out its smooth and elegant theme that catches the eye of most designers.


A simple and minimal design that skips across any sort of deviating track and finds its way directly to the sites main point.


This site complements the use of transparent layers with a dark and sleek design.


The Product Planner site is well organized and shows you how to properly separate content for better reading.


While the design orderedlist has developed features attractive characteristics, their homepage seems to want to offer more than it should on one page.


Movie sites (such as the above) are usually done in Flash due to the high-quality graphics utilized, however the developers for this site chose to use basic CSS and HTML attributes, this shows how powerful even the simplest of tools can be when used correctly.

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