Incredible Workspaces: Part I

June 13, 2008 • By

If you have ever had to work in a place that didn’t exactly get the creative juices flowing, you probably understand the importance of a nice workspace. For web designers, having a great workspace is essential. What we do is centered around creativity, and being creative is often aided or hindered by our surroundings.

So what makes an incredible workspace? Take a look at the showcase below and find out.

  • The office of LouLou and Tummie, illustrators and “goodie makers”.

  • Many companies have claimed to have started in the garage. Fling Media is really doing it. If mine looked like that, I would work out of the garage too.

  • Sometimes it is all about the view, off-screen and on.

  • This 350 year old room provides all of the atmosphere needed for a great workspace.

  • The home office of one time Microsoft Futurist David Lu.

  • This is where Mattmo works, a crossmedia concept and design agency.

  • Another organized workspace with a good view.
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