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February 27, 2014 • By

It’s a new(ish) year and maybe you want to impress with your business? Or maybe you want to have a party? Or even perhaps you’re planning  to throw a celebration? You don’t want to go out and buy just any old business cards, or some cheap party invites, you want to go down the creative route.

And where better to go than designing your own stuff (OK, maybe starting from a template), then use a quality printing service like istantprint to print them quickly and professionally? Whilst you can use existing templates and designs on the website, the most fun you can have is by being creative. Why not switch up some styles? Looking to promote an event with a flyer? Use a business card instead and create an advertisement for your event that you can slot straight into a wallet or a purse.

Or how about this example here? ( Using a flyer format to display recipes in an easy to read and simple to store format. It’s a great way to share your personal cooking ideas with friends and relatives, as well as present them professionally should you wish to market your own recipes to the public.

You can always find loads of inspirational examples on Dribble and great templates to start your own creative journey on GraphicRiver.

You can also be creative with the structure and style of your creations: if you are a bookstore, why not create a business card that can be folded in half and presented as a book on a shelf? You could have the business information running down the middle like the spine of a novel. More creativity in the way you present yourself can result in more memorable information and if you are looking to promote yourself or your business, then a creative approach to business cards and flyers can result in more customers.

The great thing about using a printing service like instantprint is that they allow such creativity in the printing process: as a user the design you print is tailored to exactly what you want, leaving the limits of your achievement up to your imagination.

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