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Cool Promo Items That Are Kid Friendly

January 8, 2015 • By

Are your clients a bit younger than most? Do you want to give away promo items that both parents and kids will love? Because promotional items should be tailored to your target audience, useful, and a real investment, you should not discount purchasing promo items (in some cases) with kids in mind. Here, we will talk about a few cool promotional items that also work as great kids gifts. In most cases, you can purchase such items with your company logo, or even personalize them for each individual client or child.

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Piggy Banks

If you are in the financial sector, then you may feel as if you are at a loss as to what to give younger attendees at conferences or when they walk into your offices. However, fret no longer. One of the coolest and cutest promotional items you can buy are piggy banks. Piggy banks are great fun for kids. Plus, they can help their parents to teach them the importance of saving money. In many cases, you can find piggy banks that are shaped in a variety of ways, or available in many different colors. The choice gives children the feeling of power.

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Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals might seem like an expensive promotional item. But if you want returns on your investment in promo items, then invest in something great! When kids get this from you, they will truly feel as if they got a real gift. Stuffed animals are more than just teddy bears, remember. You can purchase stuffed tigers, foxes, dogs, bears, sharks, horses, ducks, frogs, monkeys, and more. Just choose something suitable for your company. Some of these stuffed animals come with “shirts,” on which your logo can be printed or embroidered. In other cases, the logo goes right on the toy.


A Plethora of Other Toys

Want other ideas for promo items that double as cool kids’ gifts? There are a plethora of other toys out there that can be used as promotional items, and are available for customization from a variety of sellers. Manufacturers like National Pen offer a variety of promo products for just about any occasion, ranging from the classic baseball cap, to the slightly-more-functional keychain flashlight.  Or if you’ve got a design already in hand and want it printed on other promotional materials, places like, have made it possible to have them made and will surely attract customers of all ages.

Other items that might arouse curiosity include things like:

  • Bouncy balls or squishy balls;
  • Frisbees;
  • Bubbles;
  • Yoyos;
  • Slinkys;
  • Rubik cubes;
  • Kites;
  • A variety of games;
  • Water pistols or items that squirt water;
  • Stickers;
  • Coloring books;
  • Art supplies;
  • …and much more!

If you are searching for it to use as a promotional item, chances are some company out there already does it! Just get to looking!

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