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Budget Suggestions for Hiring Logo Design Company

March 18, 2013 • By

No business owner wants their logo or marketing materials to appear like an amateur has put them together. When a potential customer goes to compare to like companies, the one that appears more knowledgeable and appealing will often win them over. Attractive marketing materials are essential since they are often the first impression a person has of a company or business.

Unfortunately, hiring a talented graphic designer involves quite a bit of money. Many budgets cannot bend their budgets to accommodate this type of service. So, how does a company ensure they are not only hiring the right designer, but that they are getting them at the best possible price?

Shop Around

Do not feel like you have to sign a contract with the first graphic designer you come across. Look around. Don’t be afraid to do cost comparisons. Bring these findings with you when you meet new designers. Not everyone will be willing to budge on their price but perhaps a designer you just love will agree to bridge the gap here or there. You have to negotiate. Perhaps they are firm on their estimate but are willing to throw something extra in. Or there is  a package deal with services you weren’t going to purchase but the bundle cost is too good to pass up. As in anything else, the best way to save money is to spend the time beforehand doing prep work.


Knowing what you are looking for and what you want beforehand will save you not only time, but also money. The more proofs, edits and redesigns you require to get the desired final product – the more you will pay a designer for their work. Take some time to do some research on design, recent trends in design and to really map out what you are seeking for your logo or marketing material. Coming to a designer with a plan with make proceedings go so much easier, thus saving you money.


Often those who want the best designers have the money to back up their wish. However, not every company can afford to hire the most skilled, most experienced or most wanted designer on the market. If you are working on a budget, your dreams of having a top notch designer may seem out of reach. However, you can find a great and talented designer without having to take out a second line of credit. Once you get past having to have the right ‘name’ behind your work, you can focus on upcoming designers who have loads of talent. These new designers may not have the experience or notoriety, but they can still produce stellar work that will grab the attention of your client base. It will require research to find the right designer, but it will be worth it in the end.


As a business owner, you need to protect yourself. Look for a designer or company that has been around for a while. Check their feedback rating at places like the Better Business Bureau. Ask your local Chamber of Commerce if they have heard anything about the company. Do an online search to see if there is anyone online talking about the designer, their work or their design firm. If you cannot find anything doing this research, ask the designer about insurance. A serious graphic designer will carry some type of liability insurance. Having insurance is a strong indication that the designer is serious about what they do.

Combine Services

Many companies offer in-house design services as part of their packages and deals. Instead of first seeking out a graphic design, considering choosing your printing company first and ask them to add on design services. Often this arrangement will save you money since the printing company is seeking first and foremost to acquire your printing needs and is offering design as an added bonus.

There are multiple ways to save costs when it comes to procuring a graphic designer for your needs. Doing the necessary research beforehand will go far when it comes to saving money and sparing your budget. Avoid rushing into making a decision and don’t be scared to negotiate. These techniques will ensure that you trim unnecessary fat from the cost of design and get the marketing pieces you are hoping for.

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