Breathtaking Photo Sets Guaranteed to Inspire

July 8, 2008 • By

As I have mentioned before, there are many places and ways to find design inspiration. Sometimes it is good to take a break from browsing the web design galleries to look at other forms of art, and photography is probably one of the best places to look.

Key design elements such as color, composition, lighting, and texture can all be found in photography. So examining a great photo is a good way to spark the creative process. Here are 10 amazing photo sets found on flickr that possess quality guaranteed to leave you inspired.

Click on the images to view the complete sets.

land- and seascapes – Uggla

Nature – Siebe

European Bug In – Andreas Reinhold

Uribe Kosta – ssabin

Your favorites – Lars Trebing

Landscapes – broadview

Top 100 – Your Superset of Faves! – Stuck in Customs

Water Colors – GeorgeAugustine

Most Interesting – EJP Photo

Most Interesting – slimmer_jimmer