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Apple Inspired Home Office Furniture

September 7, 2009 • By

Are you a MAC or a PC? It doesn’t really matter, it is entirely up to you. We could argue about the differences between the two until we are blue in the face. There is one clear and defined difference between the two though, and I am sure that there will not be many that would disagree: MAC computers are sleek and stylish and look really, really cool.

The MAC style is a definition in itself, and has inspired designers for many years now. It has inspired a huge range of unique furniture designed to accentuate your MAC products.

In this post we have collected 9 of the best MAC Inspired Furniture for your Home Office, and best of all 9for PC users anyway, most of the furniture can be used for the PC as well.

Novanta Workstation

Novanta, (translating as 90 due to its shape) is a workstation that has a completely unique style that sits perfectly with Apple designed products. Don’t be deceived by this minimal looking desk, it hides an awesome array of features. It has an inbuilt monitor stand, a really nice touch with the keyboard and mouse bay and an integrated iPod dock. The leather lined front drawers have been especially designed to accommodate a MAC laptop or A3 sized paper, or hide all the cabling that can accumulate from modern computer systems. Overall, this is an awesome workstation.

Novanta Workstation

iGo Desk / Workstation

The feature rich fashion statement that is the iGo desk is designed to fully integrate with your iMac and Mac mini with Cinema Display, so that you don’t have to compromise on the aesthetics of your environment. It is fully adjustable to allow it to be used comfortably in either a standing or seated position, it also comes with an iMac turntable so you can turn your monitor to exactly the right angle and if you but the sitting model it can be pushed around on it’s wheels. Overall, this one really cool workstation, the only thing I would worry about is could anyone sit at this desk all day, and be comfortable? Who cares, it looks good!

iGo Desk / Workstation


Knowadys the computer replaces your radio and TV, as well as music and movies storage. It connects you to your neighbor and the rest of the world through chat and phone. And using the internet gives you access to information as well as entertainment. Your computer should be given a central and not to space consuming position. IDesk is the solution. The strong, small and minimal iDesk can be wall mounted, giving your office or living room a convenient solution to compact space and its useful drawer can be used to hide unsightly cables and peripherals that always gather around a computer set-up.

Calligaris Stealth Desk

Calligaris Stealth Desk

The reasonably priced (only £622) and elegant Calligaris Stealth Desk is among the best in contemporary Italian furniture. With its clean lines, smooth elegant curves, frosted glass surface and compact design would make this desk a welcome addition to any living room or office.

Calligaris Stealth Desk

The Tank Collection Desk

The height-adjustable desk from the Tank Collection radiates lightness and elegancy. The fineness is emphasized by the urgent smoothness which combined with the sturdy materials add strength and weight. This sturdy desk has a large and comfortable working surface, plenty of leg room and the elegant adjustable legs barely touch the floor bringing a sense of lightness “resembling a ballerina” (quote from the site).

The Tank Collection Desk

SFP-302628 FP Series MACTable

Styled as a typical classroom desk, the conservative FP Series MACTables are tailor built to accommodate both iMacs and Apple Cinema Displays. Your iMacs sits on the adjustable depth shelf, were there is easy access to the drives and connections and the keyboard and mouse sit on the spacious worktop. The worktop is large enough for not only the iMAC, it also offers plenty of surface space for writing, books and the always important cup of coffee.

SFP-302628 FP Series MACTable Homepage


The stylish StudioDesk is specifically designed for laptop users, with its clutter free and professional working environment, this would be a welcome addition to any home office. All peripherals and excess cables are hidden just under the sliding desktop surface and the storage compartment is therefore conveniently accessed from above. An elongated slot across the width of the desktop allows the necessary peripheral & power cables to enter/exit at any point, maintaining the clutter-free environment the StudioDesk promotes.

StudioDesk Homepage

XYZ Computer Desk

The XYZ is a marvel in desk and computer design with its modern and sleek exterior, to a high spec interior that contains all the computer components, cables and drives all neatly hidden within the thickness of the desk. Specifically made for the more functional and versatile PC (I will whisper that), but designed to be as beautiful as a Mac.

XYZ Computer Desk Homepage


MILK is a series of beautiful tables designed to match the computers that sit on top of them. The desk height can be electronically adjusted for seating or standing. Its large 140 x 80cm desktop keeps unruly cables neatly in check within a drawer, there are also four modular storage square spaces that can be used for absolutely anything (even an aquarium, just look at the image below).

MILK Homepage

i-Con I – Integrated Desk and Computer

Almost everybody with a computer has the same problem. An ugly looking skin-colored box under the desk, all kind of ugly wires, all the peripherals like sound-systems, transmitters and so on are annoying too. No matter how nice the desk looks when you buy it, by the time you have everything installed there is not much left of it. There is a solution : i-Con I is a a modern designed desk with a fully integrated computer. The only things visible are the monitor and the wireless keyboard and mouse. No wires, no mess and looks good as well.

i-Con I – Integrated Desk and Computer Homepage


OneLessDesk is a beautiful, ergonomic, space-saving computer desk. At one time, you needed a desk that could fit a mountain of paper, two-foot-deep monitor, printer, and a CPU the size of a small car. Nowadays, your computer is an inch thick, the desk has finally caught up. When the desk is put away it is only 12 inches thick!
It is available in silver, black, red, buttercup (I think thats yellow) and cream.

OneLessDesk Homepage


OneLessStand's rear-facing, hidden shelf hides your wifi, cable modem, networked hard drives, and the mess of wiring that comes with them. The height of the shelf is in-line with most power and cable wall outlets – so it even hides that mess as well.

OneLessStand Homepage


OneLessFile would be a perfect and necessary addition to any home office. Ideally your work area would be paperless, but if that is not possible, the One LessFile, with its convenient carrying handles and pull holes, is probably the most stylish filer money can buy.

OneLessFile Homepage

Sonic Chair

When the stress of everyday office work gets to you, the Sonic Chair offers you a great way to relax and unwind. It provides you with a unique audio experience, allowing you to sit at the very centre of a top-notch sound system. Whether you enjoy listening to symphony orchestras, rock concerts, or audio books – the integrated satellite speakers are precisely adapted to your ears.

Sonic Chair Homepage

By Paul Andrew (Speckyboy and speckyboy@twitter).

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