Alternative ways of showcasing art

March 31, 2014 • By

These days many artists are collaborating with big brands in order to reach a mass market. As well as interiors, artists and designers are lending their talents to product design.

For example Lilesadi a small brand founded by two sisters, Dinah and Sarah Smutny, in 2011. The sisters wanted to bring design and minimalist art into people’s homes and as Sarah comes from a marketing background, it’s no surprise that Lilesadi has been a commercial success.

Lilesadi have turned their designs into cushions, mugs, tea towels, posters and even children’s clothes. Their playful aesthetic, which is reminiscent of children’s illustrations and often features animals and simple shapes, lends itself well to interiors. Lilesadi’s designs stick to a soft palette of black, white, grey, teal, yellow and aubergine. The sisters have recently expanded their business further by collaborating with Photowall to create a small collection of wall murals featuring their trendy designs.

Lilesadi’s designs have become so popular because they appeal to everyone- they are loved equally by kids, fashionable teens and anyone with an eye for design. Although Lilesadi is not yet well known in the UK, the brand has become recognisable in Denmark, Austria, Finland and the sisters’ native Germany.  Without the interior products and clothing, it’s doubtful whether Lilesadi’s artwork would have reached such a large audience.

Another example of a collaboration is that of Alice Temperley, from fashion house Temperley London.  Alice Temperley has designed a series of designer labels for Gordon’s Gin. The collection, named “ten green bottles”, uses Temperley’s original hand drawn designs to create a whole new collection of bottles for the drink’s company. The designs have been digitally placed on to each bottle’s label and each of the ten designs is completely different and unique.

Using British heritage as a big influence and aspects from Temperley’s personal vintage clothing and jewellery, the bottles have become something of a collector’s item with only one million bottles being produced. The designs not only compliment the bottles, but have allowed Gordon’s Gin to reinvent themselves and Alice Temperley’s designs to reach a wider market.

It’s always a good thing when art becomes more accessible, both for art lovers who can afford to buy beautiful things, as well as the artists. In the case of Lilesadi and Alice Temperley, their collaborations have allowed their art work and designs to reach people who would not have normally had access to them.

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