A Collection of Extraordinary Photo Manipulations

March 25, 2010 • By

In itself photo manipulation is an art-form. Its basically taking a digital image and creating a deception, however slight, and entirely altering its focus and meaning.

It is quite possibly the most popular design category for graphic designers, giving an opportunity to exercise both there Photoshop skills and stretch there creativity.

As for everyone? We simply love it, and can't get enough of it.

Eye Popping Pics of Cyborg Animals decided to harness that double love and start a Photoshop contest to see who could create the coolest robotic animals on the web. Artists took pictures of real animals and filled them with images of gears, wires, and electronic gizmos. The results look pretty amazing. There are cybernetic reptiles, android mammals, and even a robot chicken.

75 Photo Manipulations Art That Will Blow Your Mind

66 Mind Blowing Photo Manipulations Art

This photo manipulation showcase is an incredible collection of photo manipulation art relating to nature, photography, objects, illustrations, HDR as well as some abstract and fantasy-related concepts.

By Paul Andrew (Speckyboy and speckyboy@twitter).

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