7 Inexpensive Ways to Make Mother’s Day Special with Post-It Notes

May 10, 2015 • By

Mother’s Day is coming up on May 10th, and it’s time to start thinking about a gift! Like most meaningful gifts in life, it’s not about the amount of money you spend, it’s about the thought that goes into it. Common, inexpensive household items such as Post-It notes are all you need to make your mom’s special day memorable.

Try these 7 creative ways to show mom you care:

1. Leave Notes at Common Areas

Mother's Day Image 1

Your mom likely frequents the same areas and follows the same general pattern every day. Remind her how special she is all day long with surprise Post-It Notes at common places she visits, such as:

● Her desk
● Coffee machine
● Front door
● Car

Write a simple, caring reminder that you love her, with statements such as: “Thanks for everything, Mom!” or “You’re the best!”

2. Create a Post-It Note Flower

Mother's Day Image 2

There’s a lot of origami with Post-It Notes on the Web, you just have to find them! One great example of showing mom how much she means to you is to create a post-it note flower. You can hand the flower to her or hang it on the fridge (or another common area) where she will find it with a quick note next to it. Click here to learn how to make a post-it note flower!

3. Make a Post-It Note Scavenger Hunt

Mother's Day Image 3

A very creative and fun way to make mom’s day even more special is with a post-it note scavenger hunt. This is perfect if you have a nice gift waiting at the end. Leave the first clue on the bedroom door, fridge, or other area she will likely see first. Leave subsequent notes at different locations with clues on how to get to the next note, all leading to the final place where her gift is hidden!

4. Create a Wall/Board of Compliments

Mother's Day Image 4

Go to each family member and collect sayings about how much mom means to each person. They can be as personal as you all want, but the more personal, the better! Take these sayings and write them on Post-It Notes, preferably of mom’s favorite color, to post on a wall or poster board. Arrange the Post-It Notes in a heart shape, flower shape, or even in the shape of her name.

5. Poem Breadcrumb Trail

Mother's Day Image 5

Write out a poem (her favorite, if she has one, or an original poem by you) on a post-it note and place it somewhere she will easily find it. Again, the coffee machine or fridge is a great place to start. Write the first line of the poem on the post-it note with arrows leading to the next one. The second post-it note will have the second line, with arrows to the third, and so on until eventually she has a complete poem!

6. Flower-Shaped Post-It Notes Throughout the House

Mother's Day Image 6

Use stencils to cut your Post-It Notes into the shape of flowers. In most cases, you’ll need larger Post-It Notes for larger flowers, but you can use any size you want! Once the flower is cut out, stick the Post-It Note in places throughout the house, like on windows, where she will see them. Feel free to leave thoughtful notes with them as well. Try some of these stencils

7. Post-It Note Cards

Mother's Day Image 7

Forget the Mother’s Day card; you have Post-It Notes! Make your own Post-It Note Mother’s Day card by drawing your message. For example, draw a Post-It Note heart with notes on the fridge, front door, or any other common area. Use whatever color you want to create the outline of the heart and then fill it in with sayings like “Love you, Mom!” or “Thanks for everything!” You can also write the words out with multiple colors of Post-It Notes. If you already have a card, Post-It Notes cut into shapes (flowers, hearts, etc.) and stuck to the inside of a card can turn it into a 3-D, pop-up card!

About Author: Ryan Gavin is an associate of Stik2It, a custom Post-It Note and label design company. He loves finding creative and unique designs on all sorts of subjects from advertisements to the everyday Post-It Note.