6 Color Mistakes Made By Web Designers

January 23, 2013 • By

For designers color is perhaps one of the most important aspects of web design, some might find it a bit intimidating, some might simply go over the top with color while others just use a horrible mishmash of color that makes no sense. Check out this article for five of the most common mistakes web designers make when it comes to color choice.

Using Colors that don’t Enhance the Overall Message

When choosing a color scheme for a design, there are several questions that should be asked: What does this brand represent? What is the over all theme of this site? What is the target audience? Answers to these questions can help a designer choose colors that not only look good, but enhance the brand and make it easier for visitors to identify with the overall message.

Using Colors that are “Trendy”

I am a strong believer in looking at other designs for inspiration, but this shouldn’t be a primary method for choosing colors. If you frequent enough design galleries, you will definitely notice color trends. At the beginning of this decade, you may remember that it was difficult to find a site that wasn’t using blue and white. Then shortly after, we experienced the “web 2.0” color palette. Be original with your color selection. Instead of extending the life of a trend, try to set the next one.

Forgetting that People Actually Need to Read the Text

Sometimes web designers can get so caught up in trying to make a site look cool, that they forget content is king. When designing for text, keep in mind that contrast is key. You don’t always have to use black text on white, but keep the contrast high and avoid using colored text on a colored background. Remember if visitors can’t even read your text then how are they supposed to understand your message.

Having a Crutch Color

Yes, choosing a good color scheme is tough, but when you hit that designer’s block, fight the urge to pull out “ole faithful”, that color that you used on your last three designs. Sure, it looks great, but chances are it doesn’t work for every product, service, or company. So, in order to avoid temptation, it may be a good idea to remove this color from your design repertoire all together.

Using too Many Different Colors

Yes color is a good idea, however too many colors will not make a website better. If a designer goes way overboard with color, this can cause a sensory overload, and the visitors are more unlikely to never return. Honestly there is no reason why you should use more than three to four, this is not only more oversee able, but it also shows that you have just some idea of where you are going with the design.

Targeting the Wrong Audience

One of the most important things to remember when designing is your target audience, if you are creating a website selling children’s toys then your color scheme should fit that, bold primary colors would be important for this project, however if you are selling furniture for retirement homes then you should pick colors are more laid back.

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