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5 ways to keep your web design simple

February 25, 2013 • By

It used to be that the more information you could cram onto your main site the better, however today all of that has changed, today websites need to be as simple and sleep looking as possible. However often designers are wondering just how to simplify their design, therefore here is a post with five ways to keep your web design simple.

There is no reason why creating a simple website design should become an impossible task, if you follow the simple suggestions below then your website will look much cleaner, if you think we forgot something feel free to leave a comment and enlighten us.

1. Focus Only On Essential Elements

Yes this might seem really obvious, however you would be surprised at how many designers ignore this simple tip. The problem with many designs is that there is a large mess of important and unimportant elements stuffed together on the site making it impossible for visitors to know what they need to focus on and what they should just ignore.

The first thing you need to do when trying to make your website simpler is to focus on what really needs to be on the site, focus only on the essential elements and ignore the others. Remember as visitors we are always looking for excuses for leaving a website, and chances are if we don’t find what we are looking for within the first 20 seconds we will hit the back button.

2. Get Rid Of All Unnecessary Elements

Yes Yes like above you might be tempted to stuff everything on your site, however our suggestion is getting rid of everything that isn’t needed. If your main goal behind the website is to get visitors to sign up then why don’t you create a big signup area and have that be the main focus of your site, instead of having paragraphs of text only to at the bottom say “Oh by the way please sign up”

3. Reduce The Number Of Pages

The truth is there is nothing worse than visiting a website with a gazillion subpages, therefore it comes as no surprise that a large part of simplifying your design is to have fewer subpages, this can be done either through getting rid of pages that don’t add anything to the website, and you know are not really needed, if you absolutely must have this information on your site then you can fuse a few sites together.

You can do this by sitting down with someone and explain to them what your main goal is, and then ask them if they can find the information quickly and without having to search through too many sites to find it. Don’t forget that when you have fewer sub-sites navigating through your site also becomes much easier.

Once again remember if a visitor feels overwhelmed they are much more likely to hit that little button on the top left corner, you know which one I mean, the BACK BUTTON!

4. Get More Content Above The Fold

While this might come as a surprise to some, truth is Studies have shown that a most visitors tend to spend most time above the fold on web pages in other words they don’t like having to scroll down a website. Therefore if you want your website to become more effective, you need to have the most important information and call-to-action elements above the fold.

5. Limit Your Color Scheme

In a previous post we told you about the mistakes that many web designers make when planing their site and one of the points we focused on was the color choice, we all know it is easy it is to get carried away and use several different and sometimes harsh colors, but you need to remember that not only will these colors look different on different screens, but the harsh colors are not good on the eyes, making your site a chore to view.

When you are trying to simplify your website however remember that fewer colors are better, you should really try to stick with 2 or 3 different colors, and try to stay away from the really harsh colors, you might want to try staying with the same color but using different shades.

Even if you have simplified everything else but have crazy colors glaring of the screen distracting from your message then everything was useless.


We hope that the tips above have given you a better idea of what you need to do in order to simplify your website design. If you follow these steps then chances are your website will become more successful.

So here are our five suggestions to simplify your website design:

  1. Put the focus only on the essential elements
  2. Get rid of all unnecessary elements
  3. Reduce the number of pages
  4. Get more content above the fold
  5. Limit your color palette
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