5 Designers & Their Amazing Detailed Illustrations

December 21, 2009 • By

Art is truly what a person perceives it to be. If you’ve just made the choice of becoming a designer, or have been for quite some time, a good way to get those creative juices flowing is to look around and see how your mind interacts with other artists work.

The following are amazing and influential artworks of 5 different designers who have made a mark in their niche’s. These artists make it seem as though inspiration comes easily to them, but with hard work, dedication, and goals, you can be well on your way to making a mark as well.

Justin Maller

Justin Maller is a creative freelance illustrator in Melbourne, Australia. He’s been conceiving creative digital art for over 8 years now and houses his portfolio at

Alex Beltechi

Alex is a great designer we found over here. He has a strong portfolio that showcases unique characteristics within the Behance Network. A lost of his skills rely on the use of creative typography elements.

Adhemas Batista

This is the showcase of Adhemas Batista, we highlighted incredible artwork for your inspiration. Batista likes to bring several ideas together and create amazing works of art. This has led him to expand his career and work with clients such as Coca-cola, Vodka, Playstation 3 and Microsoft.

Adhemas has a style that incorporates a strong use of vibrant colors along with a variety of organic shapes that come together to create amazing work.

Joao Oliveira

Joao Oliveira, a designer and creative abstract artist shows us his extensive portfolio full of magnificent work. Joao has worked with several top-notch clients such as Addidas, which gives him a great reputation and consistent recognition within our design community.

Michael Kutsche

Michael Kutsche, an award-winning digital artist has worked for the games and film industry for several years. He had a large role in the new movie from Tim Burton titled “Alice in Wonderland”.

Michael strictly uses Photoshop and Painter for all of his conceptual art. Here are a few of the best examples we found from him.