5 Content Marketing Tricks for Creatives

November 11, 2015 • By

Creativity is essential when building up content marketing. Without visual content you’re leaving out some essential steps in communicating with your users.

These days almost nine out of ten companies are currently applying a content marketing approach. Thinking of the best ideas for content marketing can be tricky. You should keep in mind the magnetising appeal of visual communication when it comes to pictures and drawings, as they can increase your sales effectively by engaging with your customers.

In this article we’ll be going through some great ideas to enhance your marketing strategy.

1. Call to Action

Call to action areas (also known as CTA) are essential to have when you’re trying to connect with your audience. They allow the user to perform an action like clicking a link, subscribing or leaving a comment. A well placed CTA, such as under an appealing image or logo, will ensure that you stay connected with your users as you provide future articles and content.

2. Video

In terms of visual enticement, posts which include video content have been proven amongst the most successful when engaging with users. According to research by Simply Measured,  videos are twelve times more often shared than text only links. So they’re more likely to attract new customers with high quality content.

3. Images

Images are another important visual component. If you’re wanting to sell a product, having no images of it will guarantee low or no sales. Images – whether illustrative or photographic, and in particular when related to some kind of storytelling – are important for creatives! Showcasing your products with large professional imagesand can significantly improve conversions.

4. Infographics

Grabbing the attention of a new online user can be challenging, and you’ll get a better response with eye grabbing graphics and photos. Infographics can be a fantastic option when engaging with your users, showing your information or explaining your product more clearly in a artistic way. Infographics are also a great way to drive new traffic to your website.

5. Social Marketing

Finally you’ll need the power of social media to give your content a boost. If you’re using Twitter or Facebook try using Buffer to schedule your updates and post questions on your Facebook page to build up interactions with your fans. If you’re lacking fans on Facebook you can click the ‘boost’ button which appears at the bottom of each post to advertise to thousands of unique users. I find $30 can spread your message to thousands.

Feature image curtsey of Ty Wilkins