4 Of The Most Creative And Bold Sticker Designs For Your Inspiration

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In my opinion, stickers are an often overlooked form of marketing and I believe that when done well, they can be hugely beneficial as part of a great marketing campaign. The thing is, such a small percentage of businesses actually use stickers in their marketing campaigns and even when they do, their impact is minimal; usually due to the fact that they have poorly designed stickers.

Now, I’m a big lover of stickers along with design and although I’ve seen some pretty poorly designed stickers over the years, I’ve also seen some incredibly well designed stickers that have done wonders for certain businesses brand awareness.

So, with the aim of encouraging more businesses to utilise stickers are part of their marketing campaign, I thought I’d round up a list of what I consider to be some of the most creative, bold and inspiring sticker designs out there. Hopefully, this will give you a bit of inspiration and show you what can be done when it comes to stickers.

Sure, not all of the stickers on this list will be used to market a business but you can still learn a lot by looking at the design of them.

#1 – 911 Surf Report


If you run an online based business, then stickers are definitely likely to be something that you haven’t really thought about using to market your business but the fact of the matter is, they can be utilised just as well with an online business than with an offline one.

Take a look at the sticker design above. These were created by the website; which provides surf reports for surfers (obviously). Note the cartoonlike design of the sticker as well as the fact that it contains the websites branding.

Obviously, even if your business isn’t online, you can still create a cartoonlike design like this as they’re very bold and eye-catching and therefore, would be suited for almost any business.

#2 – Orange Information Systems

source: stickers

Orange Information Systems is a company that is currently based in the UK and creates a wide variety of IT-related products. It’s likely that you’ve never seen an IT company that has utilised stickers as part of their marketing plan but if you take a look at the sticker design from Orange Information Systems, you’ll soon realise that more of them really should be utilising them.

As you can see, these stickers are pretty minimal when it comes to the design but at the same time, they’re extremely bold. The thing that makes these stickers so great is the use of contrasting colours; this is what makes them stand out. What’s more, the use of the orange colour in the design relates to the business name and also, helps ensure that the stickers catch your eye, even from a distance.

#3 – Marthas Vineyard

source: Dribbble

This is one of my favourite sticker designs simply because of the minimalistic, yet smart nature of it.

As you can see from the design, it must be one of the most minimal sticker designs that’s ever been produced but there’s no doubt about it, this makes for a bold image that really captures your attention.

The reason for this is that the creator of the sticker has kept in mind the intended use of the sticker during the stages of its design. As you can see from the image, it’s been stuck on a browny coloured wood (likely a table at the vineyard) and because of this, the white sticker contrasts with the background and stands out a lot.

Clearly, if this sticker was stuck on a white van, it wouldn’t have the same impact, so keep the intended use of your sticker in mind throughout the design process.

#4 – Droids on Roids

source: Droids On Roids

Droids on Roids is a development company that specialises in creating applications for Android Smartphone’s and tablets (hence the name of the company). If you visit the Droids on Roids website, you’ll notice that their company is quite quirky when it comes to the branding and that their logo is actually almost designed to look a little like a sticker.

Droids on Roids is the perfect company for utilising stickers in their marketing campaign as overall, they’re quite quirky and also, it gives them an opportunity to gain a lot of brand awareness through their cool looking stickers.

If you take a look at the sticker above, you’ll notice that it’s a pretty simple design that essentially, is just the company’s logo. However, it uses a die cut background for extra effect and to help it stand out.

This sticker just goes to show that you don’t always have to overcomplicate your stickers message/meaning; sometimes it can just be your company/brands logo.


As you can see, stickers can look exceptional if you just put a bit of effort into the design of them and ensure that you keep your intended use for the sticker in mind throughout. Stickers can be an incredible way to gain brand exposure as more often than not, people will stick the stickers to their personal belongings and/or related items that will then be noticed by your target market.

For example, take the 911 Surf Report stickers for instance; it’s likely that the surfers would have stuck these to their surf boards and gained awareness for the brand throughout the surfing community, thus increasing revenue for the company by a significant amount.

I’d recommend that every company experiments with sticker designs as they can be an extremely cost effective form of marketing; just make sure to design a bold image and you’ll be good to go.

Author Bio: Joshua is a design and branding enthusiast with a particular love for creative marketing techniques. He works for the print and design company; Discount Banner Printing in the UK. They specialise in sticker printing.

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