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31 Breathtaking Planet & Space Tutorials For Photoshop

September 18, 2008 • By

Creating stunning space scenes is a great way to practice many photoshop techniques. It’s amazing that many of these tutorials use limited source files and most effects are created with photoshop itself. Rock textures are used to help create surfaces. It’s time to create your own galaxy!

Planet with Solar Glow

Beginning with a simple rock for texture this design created a new world with clarity and great detail.

Planet Rings

Create your own Saturn.

Planet With Glow

Similar to the top example but re-enforces the techniques.

Planet With Habitation

Starting with a satellite image from Nasa.

Fire Planet

5 minutes to make this make this planet explode into fire!

Space Explosion Tutorial

We think Psdtuts rocks! And so does this tutorial firely explosion with two planets colliding.

Deep Space Nebula

A colorful Space Nebula using noise with Gaussian distribution and difference clouds.

Photo Realistic Earth Type Planet

This excellent jpg tutorial shows how to make a replica Earth from scratch.

Nebula Tutorial

With realistic gas clouds. Scroll down the target page to find the tutorial.

Land Planet Training

Scroll to the on the target page to the Land Planet by artist Robert Proctor.

Detailed Star Field

According to this tutorial the secret to stunning star fields is “never stopping”, the more layers of stars the better it will be.

Gas Planets

Create a detailed gas giant complete with surface turbulence. Scroll to the gas planet link on the target page.

Asteroid Photshop Tutorial

Simple and quick asteriod with from no source file. Scroll to the asteriod tutorial.

Flaming Planet

Excellent jpg tutorial explaining how to make a flaming planet.

Solar Eclipse

The half way image looks better than the finished one in this tutorial.

Space Ship Attack

Well if we stretch our imagination in the space theme this tutorial of a flying saucer attacking earth just fits. Eitherway, we think that you will agree that the resulting image looks awesome.

Space Lighting Effects

Colorful Nebula with stars and a lens flare for full effect.

Make The Sun

Video on youtube showing how to make the sun.


Make a starburst using the cloud filter, ping and then some lighting effects.

Planets and Stars Video

This video tutorial works through quickly, but gives a good feel of each tool and stroke.

Hyperspace Effect

Starting with no source file this tutorial explains how to make a warp effect with ease.

Planet and Space Scene

Comprehensive tutorial covering making a space and planet scene from scratch with a colorful end result.

Unusual Space Enviroment

Fxencore takes a produces and unusual planet image with stunning light streaks.

Space Landscapes

To follow this tutorial make sure you click on the image on the target page to load the whole tutorial. Also at the bottom there are links to the other parts. The finished image is impressive.

Fantasy Space Scene

Produces a planet & cloud scene which is more fantasy than photorealistic.

Creating a Planet

Relax to the music vibe whilst learning to build a planet with this video tutorial.

Stars and Nebula

Create a beautiful space scene.

Broken Planet

Learn to create a planet which is breaking apart with a firery core.

Putting It All Together

Combining techniques.

Space Explosion With Color

Radial exploding effect with shockwaves.

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