30 Visually Appealing Corporate Website Designs

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Being able to communicate effectively and convey key information in a clean and solid matter is parallel to great website design. Designing a corporate website is none the less challenging and requires one to break barriers of communication while steering clear of cluttered designs. When you have a corporate client in mind, you need to make sure that you website can capture the necessary attention and leave a lasting impression on its customers.

The layout, graphics, brand identity, url, and colors are essential to the design and must be carefully thought out and chosen. Corporate websites must attain a higher level of readability, clear presentation, ease of function and accessibility. Below, you will find 30 Incredible Corporate Website Designs that reflect creativity, beauty, simplicity, and great usability. We know there are hundreds more out there, so if we’ve missed any, please let us know!

Elements of a Good Corporate Website


Being Clean, Well Organized and Engaging on a Visual Level

When a customer visits your site, they should notice that the site is attractive, the layout is clean, and the content is visible.

Attractive and Usable Navigation

Designing a site that revolves around simple and easy to find navigation takes some work. However, this could be the difference between a visitor and an actual customer.

Direct, to the point Content

Don’t use overly complicated and highly sophisticated words. We all know you’re smart, but truthfully, not everyone of your visitors will understand or care for everything you write. For example, the content on your site should be easy enough to read that 4th grader could skim through it with very little problem. When visitors read the content on your site, they usually only pay attention to key words and headlines.

Informative and Resourceful About Us Page

Your about us page isn’t all that makes up your site, but it does hold an important place on your site. This is where your potential customers will go to get acquainted with you. Make this page count!

Faster Load Times

You definitely wouldn’t want to keep potential customers waiting an unnecessary amount of time for pages to load. This will drive them away.

Sprinkle Penny


Royal Bank of Scotland





GLUE Interactive Media

LePush Mail

Campaign Monitor




Capuccino Wbe Framework





Water CMS


Office VP

Clear Spring

Business Catalyst






Light CMS

Play in Traffik

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