25+ Astonishing Examples of Creative Photoshopped Ads

August 12, 2009 • By

When designing an advert, it all comes down to the inspiration utilized and the ideas that gave way to the conception of your ad as it becomes a “work of art”. Horrible ads are circulated throughout the web, print, and media on a regular basis. The very difference between effective and ineffective ads is the straightforward ability that a designer may possess to capture a viewer’s undeniable attention within the span of 3 seconds.

Designers have to be able to comprehend their target audience in order for them to provide engaging and desirable works. This is why we’ve provided you with 25+ hand-picked ads for your very own inspiration from Enjoy!


This advertisement conveys the ability of this product to operate underwater. Although the ad could have done without the use of the actual words “ice berg”.


The above ad is creative, illustrative, and gets to the point without deviating the viewer from the main point of view.


The catch in this ad is that the details women are likely to notice first have something to do with your socks, no matter what you may be wearing elsewhere.


This ad shows you how effective these boots can be towards fighting off all kinds of weather and surroundings.


The catch with the above ad is that the super glue advertised is strong enough to save an object in the nick of time.


This ad is incredibly creative as you can see the deceased body laying on the side of the road covered by a blanket containing the label of the drink which caused this death. It’s an eye-opener.


This lotion or product is meant to be perceived as very accommodating to your skin.


This ad shows you how powerful the shutter smile effect can be with this camera. It can even capture the physically “unseen” to the naked eye.


The 3M Micro Projector is so effective that even a bird has placed one in its bird house!


The above ad is clean, organized, and shows clear use of proper colors and shadows.


This nasal inhaler is so effective that even the worst of stuffy noses can be unclogged.


This ad is very persuasive and cut-throat. It illustrates how easily one glass of alcohol can act as a blockade when operating a motor vehicle.


The irony in this ad is so great that it simply becomes eye-catching.


This ad displays organized use of dark colors and originality in its manipulation of a photo.


If it were possible this ad would take motion photography to another level. Intricate works of art such as this one are rare to find.


This ad is trying to convey the selling point of its product, mostly the slogan that states no matter the situation or surrounding “Your movistar number always survives”.


Car advertisements are a dime a dozen, however, clear and illustrative pieces such as the one above are a bit more rare.


This ad gives way to how it’s possible to use simple objects to create attractive, complex, works of art.


This ad quickly executes its purpose and leaves you with a hint of gravity defying inspiration.


How better to show how animals and humans could co-exist in an area but to show the viewer how easy it is to blend in.


This ad takes your imagination on a wild ride as it uses creative venues to create an amazing digital work of art.


The above ad conveys to the targeted audience that your cattle is safe no matter what, even from the most awkward and unprecedented of situations.


This ad not only illustrates its point through the use of objects and clothing, but it also uses motion to create a better understanding for the viewer.


The above is a creative and effective ad that has the very potential to motivate alcohol consumers to find use in a designated driver.


Modeled after a great work of art founded hundreds of years ago, this is to show you that creativity does not always come best with originality.


This ad shows the viewer that no matter how hot it may be in a room, Perierr carbonated water remains fresh and desirable.


This ad could’ve possibly been illustated a little better but it still gets the main point across. It’s basically stating that watching this channel is so suspensful that you wouldn’t know what to expect out of the commercials.