20+ Sites Using Amazing Lighting Effects

August 14, 2009 • By

Lighting effects often within web design sets the mood for the viewer. For example, a dark minimalistic design varies in aspects from a site that displays bright swirls of colors and beautiful effects. These sort of lighting elements create a glowing energy that allows your site to stand out on the screen and create a warm environment. Within the following sites you’ll find a wide range of examples from subtle minimal effects to bold designs that make a statement.

Without any further delay, here are 20+ sites using dramatic lighting effects. Hope you will find inspiration comes easily with these examples!


The depth infinity site blends natural colors with synthetic lighting to create a sort of “domino effect” throughout the site.


The effects on the above site are more distracting than anything, however they were still designed to be effective.


This site design mixes a dark background with bright colors that attract attention.


The 45 Royal sites are of lighting effect is located within the header. The effects originate throughout one point.


A minimalistic design, correct use of lighting, and ease of usability allow the Tao site to be one of the cleanest site designs on the web.


The above site utilizes a creative use of icons and blends it with amazing light effects.


This is a clean and crisp design with an amazing and colorful header.


PixelLight Creative’s site brings the use of lighting effects to a minimum, however they manage to attract the eyes of the visitor within the process.


The above site uses a great mix of colors to provide a clean visual of spirals and swirls with lighting effects.


FM Communication stretched their hand out far this design. The background provides exceptional use of lighting.


Matching the logo and going hand in hand with the overall site design, the light effects around the sides of this site provide a sense of warmth.


The you and igraphics site has amazing illustration using clean effects.


The background of this site can mostly be compared to a gradient and several shades of colors.


Utilizing only a fair shade of colors, okb, has provided a clean site with great effects.


Although this graphic could’ve easily inserted within the template, it’s a difficult task to create a lighting affect not only around the actual image but along the edge of the site header as well.


The light effects on this site also act as a guide to where the site owner would like you to pay most attention to, for example the facebook and twitter icons.


Very simple and creative design with an incredible background.


The poziteeve site uses natural elements of the earth to combine them with amazing lighting effects.


Studio7Designs has developed a website with creative use of colors, scenery, and lighting effects. Especially the glow around the globe.


This is another site that puts in motion the use of gradients within the background.


Notice the sleek lighting effects around the template. That allows the viewer to focus on the main content of the site more easily.


The noe site is more of a dark design with a great ability to display simple and mezmorizing effects of light.


Brain Fart I beleive to have been aiming for the old dark universe look with the sun originating from a specific point. The lighting effects within this site are exquisute.