20 Incredible Illustrative Site Designs Inspired by Nature

September 11, 2009 • By

What better way to conceive a beautiful design influenced by one of the oldest forms of inspiration, nature. Utilizing aspects of natural resources all around us, designers have created outstanding examples of vector based illustrations solely inspired by nature.

Today, there exists an incredible amount of websites that feature organized and visually captivating nature illustrations in there site design. With this post, we’ve decided to focus on 20 Incredible Illustrative Site Designs Inspired by Nature that are sure to get your creative juices flowing!


The Studio7 Website has been featured in a number of showcases, due to its organized, creative, and captivating design. It was only right to classify it through one specific niche rarely noticed on the web.


The Vimeo site has a very subtle and calm depiction of nature characteristics.


This site purely focuses on the water aspect of nature. There are also a few other nature inspired illustrations tucked into the design, such as the mountains.


Yummy CSS decided to stick with more of a “green pasture” look with a select few colors.


The above site does a great job of putting together the clouds, feilds, and unorthodox sun rays into one spot.


Digital art goes a long way in this design, as well as the creative use of fossils.


Vidget did a great job focusing on the forest and getting the “mood” right with the choice of colors.


This is a serious yet relaxing design that offers its visitors warmth.


Switching over to the sky, this design features excellent use of the moon and clouds.


By taking just a glance at this template you can spot over 5 different aspects of nature. The mountains, palm trees, desert, forest and more.


Great design is hard to come by sometimes, so is reaching the island illustrated in the above website.


When designing a nature inspired site, many designers forget that snow and winter have just as much to do with the design process as summer and the trees.


The above site uses creativity to capture nature in a never before seen environment.


Apart from the great use of natural inspiration, this website features more than just rocks, trees, and clouds; but animals as well.


The overall design of this site goes well with the illustrated trees nested within the header.


This is an excellent example of how to combine actual photography with illustration.


This is a well organized and clean site with great use of nature illustrations to get their overall point across.


Glamping uses one of the most creative and inventive forms of illustrative nature. Take a peak at the wonderful header, if you don’t believe.


Another overlooked aspect of nature, underwater. StylizedWeb knew exactly what to do with this creative design.


Although Brad tries to create an underwater effect, it is very different from the one stylized web offered as it also featured other characteristics. All in all the website uses clean illustrations with a slight touch of vintage/retro look and feel.