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20 Creative and Inspiring Free Design Magazines

September 16, 2008 • By

Over the years, PDF Magazines have become extremely popular. Unlike websites, these PDF design magazines aren’t constrained by browsers, coding, 72DPI, or even being online. Many communities have been built around these magazines, with many of them being created on user submissions. Take a look at some of the best PDF mags that the internet has to offer.

“The Bible of Inspiration”: Beast was one of the first online PDF submission Magazines ever created. Put together by Thomas Schostok {THS} back in 2001, it’s still considered one of the greatest PDF art/design collections to date.

Beast is a free “magazine”. It WAS published, every month, (for one year long, 12 Issues) as a PDF file. No HTML, no Flash, no content, no sponsors, no banner, no ads. Main focus is on design, typography, art, illustration, photography, mind & matter and all kinds of creative exhausts.

Additional PDF Magazines

Article written by Omar the Radwan

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