20 Beautiful Mac Apps

January 15, 2010 • By

Mac OS X is known for housing an amazing graphical user interface. Not only is the operating system beautiful in every way, but a large portion of the applications developed for Macs have great usability along with a stunning “face”. Below you will find 20 Mac Apps With Beautiful User Interface Designs for your inspiration. This is also a great reference for those that are looking to develop their own applications.


If you iTunes collection is a mess this app is a must buy. TuneUp is a fantastic app that allows you to fix mislabelled song information and find missing album art in iTunes. Tuneup also has a great GUI that’s very well organized, content oriented, and easy to navigate through. You can do a number of things all in one window, this really helps with boosting productivity.

Download TuneUp Here


The Things interface offers very easy navigation and simple flow of tasks. It would be pretty hard to get lost, and it uses beautiful icons to get you to where you need to go. The different shades of grey in every section divides the content into a more viewable manner.


Pixelmator’s GUI uses a mix of transparent features, glossy Icons and sleek hover effects to capture the attention of the users. The feature that stands out the most is the circle palette. It makes it easy to find the right color combination’s with a 360 degree rotational courser and a horizontal slider as well.

Daisy Disk

This disk visualization tool takes disk analytic’s to the next level, while keeping usability and simplicity at its highest. Being able to switch between disks is easier than ever.


iStatMenus has a dark and sleek interface. The colors and gradients match well, and important sections are divided into their own boxes. Once the application is open you’ll have a quick overview in one look of how your Mac is actually running.


For a cleaning application it sure has a clean and well organized GUI. Dark shades of Grey and uncolored icons showcase the features you’re not using on the left sidebar. But when you click on a feature the icon is displayed in full color. With just three buttons as the main functions located in the apps footer, CleanMyMac conveys real usability.


Fontcase’s ease of use allows you to preview every font and activate only the ones you need. Every font is aligned within a grid, no matter how you’re viewing them. This makes it easy to search, find, and test the correct fonts.


Out of the numerous FTP’s I’ve come across, I’d have to say that Flow is one of the best looking and easiest to use. Most FTP’s are a bit disorganized when it comes to the seperation of folders within the directory.


Notify has redesigned their user interface so that it’s geared more towards the composing of tasks and the placement of notifications in the proper areas on your Mac.


NewsLife makes it easy for you to add and aggregate news with the click of a button. News feeds are displayed in a clean manner. You’re able to easily and quickly search for articles, alter the view of feeds and quickly navigate from one site to the next.


Tweeties is a powerful Twitter client for Mac with a beautiful graphical user interface. Navigating through the menu is as easy as scrolling through the icons on the left sidebar, and posting new tweets is purely simple.


Blogo has a sleek interface that allows you to quickly and easily blog from your desktop. The desktop client lets you open a single window that has all of your needs for creating, and posting new articles.


Propane is a Mac client for Campire with great usability. This application quickly defines and highlights conversations, tasks, and more. The interace is uncluttered and lets you switch between conversations with ease.

Delicious Library 2

Easily catalog all of your books, movies, software, and more. Once you open the application you’ll see all of your cataloged items in an organized fashion. You can click on an item and you can see a better preview.


Snowtape has a beautiful interface design that has an easy to use vertical slider at the footer of the application for editing and more. You can listen and catalog songs throughout the dark interface.


ScreenFlow is pretty easy to use with the various features on the right sidebar. The footer controls your a number of operations for your screencasts and offers easy of use.


This application has a great tools for your development needs. These tools are complimented by a beautiful interface for maximum effectiveness.


CSSEdit is very easy to navigate through and find necessary tools. The transparent features an custom icons are a plus.


If you’re looking for an application that allows you quickly save code snippets without a hassel then this tool is perfect. The interface design gives way to ease of usability and the dark colors allows the code to stand out a bit more.


Bodega arranges and catalogs all of your apps in easy to find categories for quick updates. The left sidebar controls the different features and tools. Navigating through applications gives you confidence in this applications stability.