18 Apple Inspired Accessories

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Yes, the Apple style is cool. As a follow up to our previous post on Apple office furniture, we show you the best Apple inspired office and desk accessories that will not only help enhance your productivity, will also maintain the Apple look and feel. Adding these accessories to your Apple inspired desk will help you create your very own minimal, stylish and sleek Apple home office.


If you work on laptop for long hours you will eventually strain your eyes, neck, back, and arms. mStand is a stylish stand that the laptops screen to meet eye level for better posture and view.

mStand Homepage


BookArc helps you free up valuable real estate on your desk, giving you a cleaner, less cluttered, Zen-like workspace. With a footprint of 10-by-4 inches, BookArc takes up a fraction of the space your MacBook wastes just lying around. And while it takes your MacBook to new heights, BookArc rests on soft, silicone footpads that keep it from leaving any unwanted surface marks or scratches on your desk.

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Elevator – Desktop Stand

Elevator's sturdy brushed aluminum and minimal design would blend seemllessly with any stylishly office. It holds your portable computer safely and securely at just the right height to match external monitors – and to save your aching neck.

Elevator – Desktop Stand Homepage


BackPack is the perfect place to park portable hard drives, card readers or other USB peripheral you want to hide, but need easy access to every now and then. Set your USB hub on the shelf and tie your cables to it for a super tidy workspace. BackPack is also a handy home to stash your iPhone or iPod while charging and syncing.

Backpack Homepage

Slimkey v.2

The Slimkey v.2 is perfect in every way: slim, nice and flat and beautifully designed. It has a side access USB2.0 powered hub and the perfect height of the stand provides a "home" for your keyboard, nothing will ever seem to be out of place on your desk any more.

Slimkey v.2 Homepage

DESKSET by deskology

The DESKSET is an essential set of aluminum desk accessories designed to compliment your Mac computer right down to the finish. These carefully crafted accessories will add a level of substance to your desk space that very few desk accessories can.

DESKSET by deskology Homepage


SurfacePad is designed to shield your MacBook keyboard deck from dust, dirt, and oils from your skin and friction from your wrists. It preserves the showroom aluminum luster around your keyboard and trackpad, so when it’s time to upgrade to a new MacBook, your old one will still look like new underneath.

Surfacepad Homepage


Floater is designed to compactly place your notebook upright. Seeming almost afloat, this innovative, sleek and stylish design turns your MacBook as well as your entire desktop into an all-new computing system.
As long as the power is on, your MacBook can be used even when closed. Taking advantage of this technology, the Floater conveniently allows you to use your notebook as the main computer system while you productively work on a larger LCD screen.

Floater Homepage

Moshi iLynx

iLynx offers unprecedented speed to Mac and iMac users through an easy to use and aesthetically pleasing FireWire/USB combo hub that doubles their USB and FireWire ports without any external power supply.
iLynx is a FireWire/USB combo hub that can support simultaneous operation of high power peripheral devices such as external hard disc or DVD drives without the need for a power adapter. When plugged in, iLynx provides 4 downstream USB 2.0 ports (backward compatible with USB 1.1) and 2 FireWire 400 ports.

Moshi iLynx Homepage


Colony is a storage device that neatly organizes entangled cables, adapters, wires and just about anything else hanging off your desk. Simply plug all your adapters into one AC power strip and pass the main plug through the single opening at the bottom of the vase for a tidy area.

Colony Homepage


A subtle yet effective cooling solution, Zefyr is designed to maintain your MacBook’s system stability even under peak loading conditions.
When Zefyr is put in place, you also gain the benefit of improved ergonomics through a slight tilt to the MacBook. Overall, Zefyr is an unobtrusive thermal management solution that offers you a more comfortable computing experience.


Cable Drop

CableDrop gently grasps your power and peripheral cords so they do not fall off your desk every time you unplug your laptop.
Cabledrop can really blend in with your decor, use them hidden under ledges with the muted colors to match your furniture or bring them to light by using the bright ones. Beyond just preventing cables from falling off a desk, they make great cable clips on furniture legs or walls to control unruly cords.

Cable Drop Homepage


Kite is an A4 size, paper and pencil tray with a concept of “possibility” in mind. A blank sheet of paper and a simple writing utensil has the potential to stir spectacular ideas not yet present on a sheet of paper. Thus, the possibilities are endless. With Kite’s slightly unique curve, the paper appears as if it is afloat. With its amazing design, Kite can help arouse new possibilities.

Kite Homepage

Alto Express

The Logitech Alto Express Notebook Stand raises your notebook display for increased viewing comfort. You’re more relaxed—and more productive, and it’s an attractive alternative to expensive monitors and docking stations.

Alto Express Homepage

Neat Desk for Mac

NeatDesk for Mac is the high-speed scanner and software combination that will help you clean off your desk and organize all your important information on the Mac. The scanner provides a central “inbox” for all the paper that normally clutters your workspace. Its unique paper input tray allows you to insert up to 10 receipts, 10 business cards and 10 full-size documents, and scan them all in a single batch and convert them into PDF docs. This is an amazing idea.

Neat Desk for Mac Homepage

WorldCard Mac

The WorldCard Mac is a palm-sized business card scanner that combines elegance with award-winning design.Together with the bundled software you can scan business cards, automatically extract information and save it directly into a database. Mac users can also export information to the Address Book.

WorldCard Mac Homepage

Apple G4 Clock

This clock is made from the side panel of a retired Mac G4, and it has been transformed into a working wall clock using a USA made quartz drive movement. The clock measures 16"w x 16"h, and looks pretty cool.

Apple G4 Clock Homepage

MugMouse Homepage

MugMouse plays on the idea of deliberately choosing to use a slower mouse for a while. Filled with tea or coffee you have to move it more carefully than a normal mouse. Do certain tasks at the computer deserve a bit more time, reflection or personal involvement? Checking your email, visiting your favourite website or blog, reading the daily news, shopping etc. MugMouse can be seen as a reward; serving as a signal to yourself and others that you are having a little time away from your work.

MugMouse Homepage

By Paul Andrew (Speckyboy and speckyboy@twitter).

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