15 killer crowdsourced flyers and leaflets

September 20, 2014 • By

In the past if you needed something designed for your company, say a logo or a leaflet for an event, you would have to hire an expensive design company or trust your Paint skills. Today, however, thanks to the advances of technology, mainly the internet, this process has become much easier.

Thanks to crowdsourcing sites such as Crowdsite, we instantly have access to thousands of designers with the click of a few buttons. Founded in 2009 the company aims at providing everyone with easy access to designers, not just on a local scale but also on a much more global scale.

One thing that makes Crowdsite different from competititors is that the company isn’t backed by investors who dictate how the company should be operated. Furthermore, the company provides services in three different languages and allow payments to be completed in four different currencies, EUR, GBP, USD and CHF.

In the future the company looks to introduce more services such as translations and text-writing. However, unlike other crowdsourcing sites such as or oDesk, all payments will be prepaid and the company escrow service will guarantee the quality of those projects remains high. This will help increase the trust from both clients and crowdworkers.

Below we have presented 15 killer flyers and leaflets that have all been created with the use of crowdsourcing.

1. Designer Awards

2. Museum Dorestad

3. Box of Memories

4. UW Cartridge Winkel

5. Haus Brandeck

6. Valento Pizzeria 

7. AnalitiQs

8. Meijer Food Recycling

9. Vision Yoga Mandiram

10. Piet Profijt

11. Keistad

12. SanFil

13. Koel IT

14. Villa Blossom

15. Account Cloud

* all featured flyers courtesy of Crowdsite

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