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10 Print magazines all web designers and developers should read

June 3, 2013 • By

If you have tried Googling web designer resources you will have noticed that there is a gazillion different resources, however sometimes you just want to kick back and read a good old-fashioned magazine. If you are looking for a print publication that covers topics that web designers and developers are interested in then here is a list of 10 publications that you might find interesting.

If you feel we have forgotten any then just leave us a comment below!

.net Magazine

Not only is .net one of the best online resources for web designers and developers, however their magazine is packed with practical advice on everything from design, development, sales, marketing, usability to accessibility, information architecture, security, copywriting, advertising and much much more.


The Manual

If you are looking for something to get your favorite developer and you are unsure what to get them, then “The Manual” is just the right thing. The Manual is a different sort of publication, you will not see a lot of screenshots or tutorials, they focus more on the stories behind the design. Published by Andy McMillan, edited by Carolyn Wood, and designed by Jez Burrows, you can get it for 25$.



If you are looking for a magazine that focuses on visual culture and design, then Print is just what you are looking for. The magazine was founded in 1940 by William Edwin Rudge, and covers commercial, social, and environmental design from every angle. The reporters take great pride in focusing on all aspects of design, design in its social, political, and historical contexts, they try to grasp why our world looks the way it does and what makes it so beautiful.



Quickly decide! For the rest of your life you can only use 8 typefaces, which would you choose? This is really the essence of 8faces, each issue is only pressed in 2000 limited editions so if you want one you better be fast. For those who prefer online 8faces is also available as a PDF file, previous editions are also available as a PDF download.


Computer Arts

If you are looking for a magazine with a lot of different tutorials on a large number of different topics then Computer Arts is exactly what you are looking for “covering everything from manipulating photographs with Photoshop to creating amazing vector illustrations with Illustrator.” If you want professional advice then your should really read this publication.


Web Designer

If you are living in the UK then there is only one magazine that you must read! Web Designer is published monthly and is dedicated to providing the best tutorials, with more than 25 pages of each magazine dedicated to Dreamweaver, Flash, and Photoshop walkthroughs created by the country’s most knowledgeable technology writers.


Photoshop Creative

If you are looking for a way to improve your Photoshop skills then this is really the magazine you need to be reading, each issue is packed with inspirational tutorials, the best part is they cover many different aspects of Adobe’s amazing software, whether you are looking for creative project tutorials to practical guides to using tools and techniques. Furthermore each issue comes with a CD-ROM packed with great resources.


Website Magazine

If you are looking for a magazine that focuses business of running a website then this is just the right magazine, with a plethora of different articles focusing on thing such as:  tips for successful websites, solutions for enhancing website traffic, the latest Internet industry trends and statistics, as well as news analysis on the Internet industry.

website magazine cover

Advanced Photoshop

If you are a beginner who doesn’t know what a layer is, then Advanced Photoshop is probably not something for you, however if you are just looking for a way to refresh your photoshop skills because it is something you work with every day, then this is the perfect magazine! Aimed towards Adobe Photoshop professionals and enthusiasts, every issue prides itself on its unbeatable quality and sophisticated content.


Digital Arts

Once again a magazine for our UK readers, Digital Arts is the go-to magazine for creative professionals, whether they are working with print design or web design. Digital Arts strives toward delivering high-quality content, furthermore they provide their readers with professional advice, across all platforms and disciplines. Digital Arts uses extensive in-house lab facilities for product assays, producing top-class reviews.


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