10 New eCommerce Websites You Should Get Some Inspiration From

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AYR - eCommerce Inspiration

Nowadays web designers encounter numerous challenges in attempting to build a highly immersive eCommerce website that provides a great shopping experience to users. A successful online store not only has to be beautiful, but it should also generate sales (right!?) and have good conversion rates.

Before you’re going to (re)design your eCommerce store – either by starting from scratch or using an online shop builder – it’s crucial to take a look at other successful eCommerce designs that got their audience engaged through interactive user interfaces, eye-catching visuals, and good usability. To help you make your upcoming eCommerce project outstanding, here I’m going to analyze 10 amazing eCommerce websites that I believe are worth seeing. May be, not all of them are perfect for you, but I’m sure you’ll learn a thing or two from each of them. Also, check this article for more Shopify reviews.

Let’s go through them one by one!

ETQ Amsterdam:


ETQ Amsterdam, an exceptional Amsterdam based fashion brand, has a clean and minimalistic e-commerce design with a significant focus on their products. Designed by highly-experienced developers at Build in Amsterdam, this Magento powered webshop is not only fully responsive, but also retina ready to display product images in the highest possible quality.

All design, interaction and navigation choices are totally based on ETQ’s brand values. Their site has a well thought sales path that guides visitors by showing them the right button at the right time. On the other hand, a “less is more” navigation structure makes the buying process distraction free. Finally, soft animations and gentle mouse hovers bring life to the quality of products.


V76 - eCommerce Inspiration

With his 20 years of experience, Michael V. Acord or “Vaughn” has achieved an international reputation in men’s grooming. In January 2014, he launched his hair-centric men’s grooming line, V76 by Vaughn, with an aim to make grooming accessible to all men and develop innovative products that are helpful in enhancing the grooming process.

By blending sophistication with freshness, the V76 website takes eCommerce to the next level. This fully responsive site is designed to deliver a truly immersive cross-platform experience to users, while also spotlighting the voice and personality of their brand in the world of men’s grooming. Apart from this, the Lookbook is quite innovative. Instead of professional models, they’ve featured real men from different walks of life.

Master & Dynamic:

Master & Dynamic - eCommerce Inspiration

Master and Dynamic, a new headphone company, has made a memorable first impression in the headphone community due to its clean, colorful, and responsive website. The user-interface of their site totally matches the creativity and quality of the product being sold. The whole site is tailored to what customers expect from a fastest growing brand like Master and Dynamic.

Developed by Wondersauce, this website is the result of Master and Dynamic‘s highly philosophical approach that distinguishes them from others. The effective presentation of products makes it easy for customers to digest information quickly and easily, while an enjoyable browsing experience entices shoppers to buy their products.


AYR - eCommerce Inspiration

AYR, a new online retailer from Brooklyn, believes in simplicity and inspiration. That’s why they’ve kept their e-commerce design fully responsive and minimal. The custom dynamic content presented on their site excellently illustrates their brand’s story, while smooth transitions make the shopping experience highly interactive.

On the product detail page of AYR, there’s a simple color wheel that makes the purchasing process easy and effortless. Having simple and user-friendly navigation, their website is an excellent example of achieving harmony between design and usability.

Industry Standard:


Industry Standard’s website is designed with an idea of making a great pair of jeans with both fabulous quality and a reasonable price tag. Just like their great-fitting fashionable jeans, their site meets every aspect of the visual communications including strong brand identity and an inspiring responsive web-shop.

Based on famous eCommerce software Shopify, this clean and bright clearly reflects the way an eCommerce website should be crafted. An informative product page, high-quality images, a story-telling about page, awesome image mouse hover affects show they’re going to “set a new standard for Jeans”.


Greats - eCommerce Inspiration

Greats is the first American direct-to-consumer men’s sneaker brand that offers classically designed premium-quality, stylish sneakers for a price that won’t break the bank. Their e-commerce design is very unique and clean, lavishly showcasing their sneakers with stunningly beautiful photographs. The beautifully designed homepage drives the visitor right into the products of their key shoe designs.

Like Industry Standard, this fully responsive site is also built on Shopify while design is done by Wondersauce. On the product page, there is an option to rotate the product through which buyers can get personal with the pair that they’re going to have on their feet. Moreover, an inspiring light box with intuitive zoom options allows buyer to have a close look of the pair.

Ab Aeterno:

Ab Aeterno - eCommerce Inspiration

AB Aeterno is a prestigious Italian watchmaker known for designing eco fashion timepieces made by 100% natural wood. Once you land on their website’s home page, straight away you are welcomed by incredible images of watches. Every watch on their site is showcased in a very clean and appealing way, highlighting a lot of important information.

The product page of this responsive eCommerce site is also extremely impressive, giving customers much insight into product that they believe they are interested in. There are tooltips attached to every item for providing extended information to customers. While the replacement of traditional text input fields or dropdown menus with clickable +/- selectors makes the buying process less time-consuming.

Lexi Miller:

Lexi Miller - eCommerce Inspiration

Lexi Miller is a California based revolutionary women’s cycling apparel brand. Armed with inspiring visual content and intuitive navigation, their site is designed with a strong focus on branding. Everything from design to photography on their site represents their brand values. Keeping their eCommerce design clean, minimal, responsive and self explanatory, they’ve shown how they could make a difference.

On their website’s home page, they’ve displayed their featured products and a video that exposes “the joy of Cycling” to visitors. In spite of not having any zoom option attached to product images, their product page attracts the user to buy the product. A “View Size & Fit Guide” link is also given there to help users choose the correct product size.

Folks Verona:

Folks Verona - eCommerce Inspiration

Folks Verona is an online clothing store where you can find clothes, hats, books, shoes, and more by the most known international brands such as Levi’s, Dickies and Vans. As soon you open this website, you see a cool 100% width & height video giving you an incredible sense of peace.

This video background doesn’t only fit perfectly with their brand identity, but also makes consumers inclined to purchase a product. When it comes to product page, it’s simpler than other websites in this list. However, the zoom option is available to have a closer look at product.


Falve - eCommerce Inspiration

Falve is a Wellington based menswear label that was launched by wife and husband, Emma Johnstone and Dan. They are known for producing limited rubs of handcrafted garments and goods. Though their website is a new kid in eCommerce world, but it is following web design trends to a great extent.

Falve’s website is designed to be simple and easy to navigate with an emphasis on details about the construction of products. Colors and typography is spot on, which makes their eCommerce design outstanding and visually compelling. Overall the best example of eCommerce design with a responsive and minimalistic approach.

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