Whats Better For Designing A Website, Photoshop Or Fireworks?

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This week a contentious and highly debatable question was asked on Answers and, as expected, we received a lot of great answers favorable for both sides. We felt it was such a good question that we are opening it up to our trusty Design Reviver readers to hopefully settle the issue.

So, here goes… What’s Better For Designing A Website, Photoshop Or Fireworks?

The original question was asked by Angela last Monday, and has so far received a hand-full of answers (you can read them below). We would love to hear your opinion, you can post it in the comments below or you can post an answer on the original questions thread here: What's Better For Designing A Website, Photoshop Or Fireworks?

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What's Better For Designing A Website, Photoshop Or Fireworks?

Answer from Alessio:

That’s a good question! I believe that it mostly comes down to personal preference.
I would use Photoshop because I’m much more comfortable with it and it’s quick and easy.
The reasons that Fireworks could be better, though, are:
1) It integrates rasters and vectors well, which you will probably want to do when creating a website.
2) It has better image compression, which can be important when creating graphics for the web. See this article: for an in-depth comparison of the image compression in Photoshop and Fireworks.

So, I think for the most part it depends on whatever you’re more comfortable with, but there are slight advantages to Fireworks.

Answer from Mohamed Aslam Najeebdeen :

I use Photoshop for create mockups and Fireworks for wireframes and image slicing and optimization. 🙂

Answer from

It depends on your personal preference. The more you use a tool, the more comfortable you’d b with it. By the way, photoshop is believed to be the best application for designing websites.

Answer from Max:

Fireworks is the best, I’ve been using it since version 3. I use Photoshop for anything I do with my tablet.

Answer from Michael Lajlev:

I think you should go with photoshop, because it contains all you need, and sometimes fireworks isnt enough. If you go with photoshop you only need to learn one interface.

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Thanks again to everyone that took the time to offer some helpful and useful answers.

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