What Project Management Software Do you Use and Why?

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Regardless of the size of your design company, you will from time to time need a good project management application. The problem that you will have is not finding a good and reliable app (for the most part they all are in there own way), the problem will be finding one that meets the needs of the project you are working on and the client you are working with.

As we do every week, we like to highlight an important question from Answers. So, here is this weeks: What project management software do you use and why?. Whats yours?
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What project management software do you use and why?

This question was originally asked on Answers by Chad Tomkiss, and has so far received 12 answers.

Answer from Heri Setiawan:

I use TasMan Board. It’s simple yet powerful tool for managing my project.

Answer from Judy Varga:

You should try Ubidesk, its free.

Answer from Max:

I use basecamp and my own feedback/ticketing system. Some projects don’t require management other than to-do lists or a4 pages of scribbles. Each project for us is different, my advice is to do what feels best. If you want to manage a lot of project then Basecamp is a good one and they have a free version where you can try it out with a single project.

Answer from Emiel:

I think Thymer ( is relatively new but is very easy and flexible. No overkill in features and stuff, just basic clear pm-tools.

Answer from John Swindells:

I use a pretty old version (2004) of Copper. As a PHP developer it’s easy for me to customise it, but there are lots of pretty basic features that are missing.
Basecamp has recommended previously, but from what Tom Longo says I think Tickspot sounds good for our small team.

Answer from Tom Longo:

Tickspot for time tracking because it’s easy with good support for dashboard widgets, though a little on the expensive side if you have a lot of projects at a time. Tickspot seems to be good for smaller teams whereas basecamp is more powerful and can a lot more, but might be overkill for on individual or very small team.
For personal project management I use Things on on Mac as I find it a simple and flexible way to manage tasks.

Answer from Cy Klassen:

You should try Goplan (they have a free plan). I have used it for the past couple projects and I am impressed with every update. Its very easy but powerful app. For me, they hit the nail on the head for project management. Also, awesome support team.

Answer from Ryan Smith:

I use Subernova. The main reasons for using it are:

  • it has a desktop app
  • a iphone app
  • an online app
  • consistently updated with new features
  • your clients can have their own login to see their projects
  • really nice user interface – very easy to use……
  • There tonnes more, to many to list.

Most people will say BaseCamp does these things, but, BaceCamp starts at $24 per month, Subernova cost $149 per year. BaseCamp has limits to how many projects you can have at one time (unless you chose a higher price plan). Subernova doesn’t have a limit.
In saying all that, if I had the money I would probably use BaseCamp. Haha. BaseCamp has a lot more little features that make it better. I can see it being a great tool in a big agency.
They great thing is they both have a 30 day free trial!

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Thanks again, firstly to everyone who asked a question, but most importantly thanks to everyone that took the time to offer always helpful and useful answers.

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